2 Amazing Lessons From The Life Of Charles Proteus Steinmetz

In this post,  we will be looking at two amazing lessons from the life of an engineering wizard, in the person of Charles Proteus Steinmetz.

Brief Biography

Charles Proteus Steinmetz was born on April 9, 1865 in Breslau , Province of Silesia, Prussia (now Wrocław , Poland ). Born crippled, he  was only four feet tall as an adult because he suffered from dwarfism, hunchback , and hip dysplasia. Regardless of all this misfortune, he had an amazing and distinguished proficiency in mathematics and physics. Hence,  he became a mathematician and an electrical engineer and he is known for: Steinmetz’s equation, Alternating current, Electric power industry, Wireless power, Engineering education among others. 

As a kid,  he couldn’t play as much as the other kids did so he exercised the power of “self-intention and introspection” and decided to make discoveries that will help other people.

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It”s obvious he lived by some specific maxims which guided him to make productive every moment he has, as a chance to do better. He died October 26, 1923 and on his grave,  it was written, “He Had The Mind of An Angel And The Soul Of A Seer. “

Let’s look at the 2 amazing lessons from his life.

1. Disability Is Not The Absence Of Ability

If the works and achievement of Steinmetz should be read, without reading out his personal life history, as well as displaying his picture, nobody will believe he was disabled. This only emphasize the fact that just because an individual is disabled, he is not useless. He/she has great and unique potentials that if only can be believed in and supported by the people closest to him/her, they will yield greatness. Even if Steinmetz mother died before he was a year old, his father was determined to get his little Steinmetz educated. He didn’t see any reason to give up on his little boy.

Being disabled is not only about “physical disability” it goes far beyond that. Some individuals are disabled mentally; that is, difficulty in concentration due to depression, anxiety and personality disorders. This often affect the way they think, feel and act. Sometimes, this result in medication. 

Also,  some individuals are disabled  intellectually (example is Peter in our previous blog post, “Peter’s Label”) A person with an intellectual disability may have significant limitations in the skills needed to live and work in the community, including difficulties with communication, self-care, social skills and self-direction.

Both group of individuals mentioned above,  are not useless just because they are faced with such difficulty. They are just like everyone else – treat them as you would like to be treated and most importantly, help them to explore the greatness within them by supporting them in what ever way you can. If Steinmetz was not supported by his father,  he might not had gotten the confidence to explore the greatness within him. He might had limited his abilities.

2. Live For A Good Cause.

Even though Steinmetz was physically disabled, he lived for a good cause; he solved a problem. Many a times, we fail to realize that the world or precisely, our society is a jigsaw puzzle and every individual is represented by a small cut piece, of unique shape and size. Hence, for it to form a complete and perfect image, every one of it piece must fit in perfectly. In essence, every individual has a significant role to play in his/her society.

God didn’t create each and every individual to be a problem. Rather, a solution. Thus, to make the world a better place, you have to give for a good cause; solve the problem you were created to solve. Steinmetz lived for a good cause and he is being celebrated. 
God has given every individual grace, which is the life we have for every second. 

How well are you living for a good cause at every moment of this grace? 

Are you solving a problem or being a problem?

What will be written on your grave or what will people say about you? 

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