2018 is a poem inspired by the year itself. It exposed me to some real it is of life from failure to loosing a loved and disappointmen.


Dreams like reality
Aspirations sparkling
Road as express
Couldn’t imagine less

Dreams becoming reality
Bumps-potholes, adversaries
Hopes struggling to stay high
Hanging on watery-tight

Dreams far from reality
Obvious in fate
Life became troubled water
Faith couldn’t stand the test

Dreams now counterfeit fantasies
Passion now apathy
Progress now regress
Fealty now falsity

Dreams hunger for reality
Reality stationed as bride
Dreams need to pay the price
Price to reach reality

Dreams revived by what ifs
What if dreams could bring
Stilness to the troubled water
What if this-that

Dreams need reality
Faith must gym
To stand the test
No matter what it takes
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