3 Ways To Being Productive In Life

He left the office wishing he could become one of those super heroes his son watches On Disney Junior Channel, so he could do all the needful and clear his table of all those uncompleted work. Drenched in thought, he drove home wearing a face that announces the status of his day at work—heactic.

“Wearing that face,  you will look older than your age, Darling.” His wife muttered. 

He couldn’t help but smile. At least someone knows the trick to making him smile. But that was just on the surface. James couldn’t stop thinking of how he has been less productive compared to when his junior brother was there to help out in the office. He hates the fact he comes home late to his family. But what will he do when he runs a multi-million naira company that has great investors he wouldn’t want to loose? The last time he employed someone to manage the company, he was almost running at lost. He just wants to study his employees before knowing who  fits the position.

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Quite a number of individuals are like James in the above short story. They might not necessarily be managing a large firm. It could be small business, home service or even be a freelancer, student, an employee, a stay home mom, etc The most important thing is, everyone loves the fact, they want to be productive and still have quality time for other things that matter to their lives.

Being productive as an individual is an intentional act that requires a person to be committed. It often requires more than thinking, planning and working per time. It needs an individual to be consistently committed to it.

Ways to Being Productive.

1. Consistently Working From A List.

Zak Frazer once said, “the key to success  is consistency.” It’s no doubt that this principle has earned it mark among successful people. Their consistency brought to the realization of dreams they once saw as mighty and unachievable.

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To be productive, you will need to work from a list consistently. Working from a list literally means working with the guidance of a to-do list or written goals as you might have it.  Having a to do list will channel your effort to do what’s needful to attain maximum productivity rather than doing everything you think should be done. It helps you to be organized and dutiful in your day to day activities, with your goal at heart. This will help you have quality time for yourself and loved ones.

Personally, I have compared days I work from a list and days I just wake up and go about my day without a pre-planned list. On the former, I am most productive, dutiful and organized. While on the later days, I am less productive and dutiful.

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2. Delegate Some Work

To be productive, you will need to  delegate some work. The act of delegating work is the ability to give some work to an assistant or anyone around that is capable of doing it.  In delegating, you give out task that is on your schedule, which must not necessarily be done by you. By doing this, you will be able to do that task that needs to be done by you and save much more time and energy. You will find yourself maximizing your potentials and obtaining great success.

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3. Do The Most Complex But Valuable Task First.

Ever had a day full of regrets at it end because you couldn’t complete some necessary task? Try starting your day off with the most difficult but valuable task. At dusk, compare your achievements with previous days.

Completing a difficult but valuable task first in a day, is often the miracle that makes my day fulfilled rather than bewailing. To be productive, you will need to do the most complex but valuable task first, everyday.  In the book, “Eat That Frog,” Brian Tracy explained in details the benefit of eating the ugliest frog first, everyday. The ugliest frog symbolize the most valuable but complex task for the day. Doing this everyday will result to achieving much more in less time. The book, “Eat That Frog” is a valuable and handy tool to achieving great success even with limited time.

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Productivity is only earned when volition is established on knowledge and wisdom. Applying these three principles daily, will help you become productive, attain maximum success.

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