5 Ways To Overcome Impatience in Unleashing Your Potentials.

The Story

His cheeks bloated from containing his yelp. It’s barely 21 days gone when he had his shoulders above his neck preplaying in the meseum of his mind, how he will showcase his blooming sunflower to Tom and Jerry.

Buried in an old purple vase sitting on the left side of the red coloured interlocked tiles close to the garden, was the round 10 years old boy’s sunflower seedlings.  

Grossed out by his expectation and the sluggish growth of the plant, he raised his right foot and carelessly kicked the flower vase sitting innocently on the interlocked ground, breaking it bones and marrows. 

His yelp was loud enough that it arrested everyone’s attention. 

George, his older brother in his sophomore year studying floristry came in a chase to save his kid brother. He took away his pie of ignorance and gave him doughs of reasons why his plant isn’t growing as fast as he wanted; 

 “Sun flower’s  seedlings take at least 70days to bloom. You should have been more patient, bro. The plant was just obeying it natural and established principle of growth. “

 Bruised from his impatience, he paced horridly to his room leaving the broken pieces of the vase lying helplessly on the rocky ground.

To every success, goal or potential, there is a process or journey with a specific lifespan already established for it. This is same as potentials; maximizing and enjoying the fruits of our potentials requires patience.

Let’s look at the definition of impatience

Impatience  means “eager desire for relief or change; restlessness. Intolerance of anything that thwarts, delays, or hinders.” Impatience. relating to potentials, is one’s inability to trust the process of his growth.

A potential will remain limited and “unmaximized” if patience isn’t practiced in the process of maximizing it. From our definition of impatience, we discovered that trust is inversely proportional to impatience which results to restlessness or intolerance. This shows that if a person doesn’t trust the process of maximizing his potentials, there is high probability that he will quit or abandon the process because he can’t tolerate the challenges he face. 

Also, impatience has to do with one’s ability to give up the process of unleashing his potentials because the sacrifices it demands is more than what he planned. People often quit their journey not because it’s not promising but because it takes more time than they have ever imagined. The young boy in the above story knew how beautiful the sunflower will bloom but the fact that it took more time than he planned  because he is ignorant of it growth lifespan, made him impatient that he destroyed it at it growth. Most times, we are impatient like the boy in nurturing our potentials. We fail to realize that one of the principles of cultivating our potentials is patience. And our potentials have it growth lifespan that was already established. Hence, trying to alter it will affect it negatively.

Causes Of Impatience

1. Lack of trust for one’s process of nurturing his potentials.

2. Comparison: comparing one’s potentials with other’s.  

3. Low self-esteem: Inability to believe in oneself. 

4. Ignorance of the established principles to nurture, maximize and unleash one’s potential.

Ways To Overcome Impatience  

1. Believe in yourself and in your potentials.

2. Trust the process.

3. Gain knowledge: Know the established principles required to be successful at nurturing, unleashing and maximizing your potentials.

4. Shun camparison: Any potential you see glittering, went through an uncompromised process. 

5. Consistently affirm you abilities to develop patience.

Below are some affirmations that can help you develop patience as you journey to maximize and unleash your potentials.

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