A Poem About The Courage Of An Aged mother: Death-defying Courage

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Death-defying Courage

A campfire of roaring love
Beaming with joy for the child of her dream
Cluttering the airwaves was her prayers 
Denying herself death
His future meant more
Eyes saturated with tears
Shed over who calls her mama
Bracing his paperweight body
Her lips caressed his cotton-soft skin
“His cheeks bloated with joy”
Her favorite scenery
Yet sorrows lurk around the corners of her failing heart
“If only she could see him become a man”
“If only she could love him longer”
Two odds to her health
Yet she craves on her knees
With hill-size faith
She trusted him to the care of his father
Who saw fit to behold her first fruit in her 60s
At the “wake” of the love of her life
With death-defying confidence
She lived till her 90s
Telling the tale of how 
The humble-helpful wings of 
Faith, grace and prayer saved her
From falling off into her early demise 
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