A poem On Rape; “Fears And Valor”

Fears And Valor

“Please… Please… Don’t do this to me…”
Her plea filled the sour air
Her feet wrestling against his thick skin
Her fragile fingers biting every garment and flesh it felt
Salty-bloody tears painted her face
Her lungs fighting to breathe
She was weak but her fears gave her strength 
Help! Help! Help!
No one to the rescue
The thought of glorying in his flesh
Saturated his mind
Causing him to assume a beast
As he rode her off into the whirlwind of misery
With grin of victory glistening on his face
Satisfied he left her close to her demise
And she? She became the weaker vessel they call her
Lying on the broken rocky flour with eyes beaming with wrath
She cursed him to his offspring
With a trembling heart blazing with horror 
She vouched to seek justice for victims like her
To teach her sons “love, respect and honour”
And her daughters to live with dignity and grace
In pain-filled tears and wailing
She knew life will never be same 
Arresting the thought of giving up life
She clipped it off her mind
With grace and valor she lives on
Not to let fears consume her fulfilment
Rather a strength to live on for victims like her
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