A Review on the Book, “When God Writes Your Love Story” by Eric and Leslie Ludy

If you are in search of a book that talks about love, romance, marriage, singleness, family, God and mentorship on relationships, “When God Writes Your Love Story” by Eric and Leslie Ludy, is one go-to  book that is worth every chase, to read. 
The authors, who are a couple, used the art of storytelling from their individual experience, to reveal life changing facts and strategies to building a relationship of one’s dream, which worked for them.
This book isn’t limited in it scope of love, marriage, romance and singleness. It talks about the author of all(love, romance, marriage and singleness), who has the ability to script the best life story, that isn’t complete without any of the above mentioned aspect of commitment. The authors also discussed the fears people battle with in letting God take the pen from their trembling hands to script their love stories as well as the benefits of a God written love story.
If you are craving and ready for an amazing  love life, then this book is one book you shouldn’t give a second thought about reading because it contains practical guide to that amazing love life you desire.
Below are some insights from the book.
The minute we rely on a formula, we miss out on the beauty of what a God written love story is all about.
If you’re ready for an unforgettable earthly romance, start by discovering the joy of an intimate, daily romance with the king of kings.
The secret to amazing romance is to begin practicing purity for your spouse.

Sexuality is like fire.  When kept in it rightful place, a fire adds the beauty of warmth and

light a home. But if fire escape it proper context, it can burn down the entire house in a matter of minutes. 

Purity is not merely the absence of sexual indulgence,  but the presence of God’s Spirit in every dimension of our life. 

Purity starts with who we are on the inside. 
Love should be based on choice and not feeling.

Being spiritual shouldn’t make you a social misfit.

Having a “God moment” about your love life is a necessity in letting God write your love story.

Loneliness (singleness) is a gift from God. Because it can draw you closer to Jesus. It teaches you to cherish a long-waited marriage relationship and more.

Learn to weave something of your own to honour the person who will make all your faithfulness waiting worthwhile. 

Learn to pray for your future spouse on those lonely rainy days,  asking God to mold him/her into the perfect complement of your life. 

Your faithfulness to your future spouse in your singleness will give him/her security in your marriage.

Be single with a purpose. God has an ultimate purpose in mind for a season of singleness.

When you don’t acknowledge God’s purpose for the season of singleness, you will always feel devalued or “less than.”

Singleness is learning to be faithful and patient.

Be with man/woman whom you both have a mutual passion for Jesus Christ.

If we lean on human love story as our primary source of fulfilment and happiness, we will never find what we are looking for.

The secret to a marriage thriving for a lifetime is selflessness.

Being married in the real world takes teamwork.

Don’t waste this season of singleness. Ask God to help you cultivate every opportunity to become the man or woman they are dreaming of. 

God’s wants us to trust him enough to bring the man (woman) of our dreams to us in his perfect timing.

When you are hungry for attention and affection, you tend to settle for the less in a man or woman.

We shouldn’t expect perfection in a future spouse. But we should expect to see the attitude of Christ reflected in that person’s life. 

Family defines our reality. 

We all have our premarriage season where we learn how to be like Christ to the “them” (family) in our lives so we can be like Christ to our future spouse.

Family is our rehearsal for relationships.
We take into future marriage the skills we master with “them” (family) in the here and now.

Marriage is a lifestyle clock-full of asking forgiveness and offering forgiveness. 
Humility is measured by how quickly you can admit that you are wrong.

Learning to serve leads to “happily ever after” finish you’ve always dreamed of. 

Tenderness is the quality of slipping into someone else’s world.

Learn to appreciate the little things your spouse works hard at.

Words of respect transform mere men to superheroes.

A man is shaped by the words of a woman.
We all long for the beautiful side of love and the happily ever after kind of romance.  But are we willing to do what it takes to get it?

Honouring your parents can make your love story more beautiful.

One of the beautiful things about having teammates is that they provide an outside perspective on a friendship or relationship.

The beauty of God’s way cannot be limited by mere circumstances.

It is dangerous to take the “Do-it-yourself” attitude to relationship.

Your teammate’s opinion shouldn’t replace the spirit of God in your life, but rather be a beautiful enhancement to God’s gentle leading and guiding.

The beauty of God-written love story is not something reserved for the perfect and pious; it’s for the sinners like you and me.

He can take the sin our enemy meant to use to destroy us and instead, use it for his glory. 
The man who has God for his treasure has all things in one. 

When you sincerely give God the pen to script your life story or marriage even in the intense storm,  God will help you to strengthen your commitment and deepen your love for eachother.

When God scripts each detail of your story, life becomes an endless frontier of adventure.

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    What else can be said about the reviewer?
    She has done an amazing job on this piece and I can't wait to see and read more of her reviews. Keep up the good work. The sky is your basement

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