Agboola Ifeoluwa: The Journey With The “Multi-potentialite”

 It’s another interesting episode of  “The Journey With…” a time to learn, unlearn and relearn from phenomenal personality’s journey to success and fulfilment.

In today’s episode, the amazing Agboola Ifeoluwa will be taking us through her journey to success and fulfilment. She is one of Nigeria’s young influencers and entrepreneurs. In her early twenties, she is already creating ripples of hope, clarity, visibility and growth in the lives of many and brands. So sit back and treat yourself to a good dose of knowledge.

 It’s  a great privilege having you here. Tell us about yourself, ma’am.

Agboola Ifeoluwa is a young and phenomenal Multimedia personality, I am A Badass Graphics Designer, A professional Photographer, A prolific fictional Writer, A podcaster and A Teen Coach.

I am in my early twenties and a fresher in the prestigious Federal University Oye Ekiti, study Physics Education. I started my purposeful journey in the year 2018, and my entrepreneur journey started fully in 2019, since my entrepreneur journey started, I have worked with high class personalities birth their dream brand and showcase them in a unique way, not only that, I have worked with Authors to birth that life changing books, and make high sales with my book cover designs, I am the Founder of Smart Brands Africa, a Facebook community that helps Brands connect with their target audience and help them increase their visibility and influence. I am also the host of Be Visible with Agboola Debbie Podcast show that is all about Brands visibility online, I also help models, fashion and food Brands with my photo sessions and marketing plans to boost their visibility and seal deals. 

To the Glory of God and to my blessing, I am also a proud author of a life changing fictional book titled “UNBOX”.

Thank you for having me here today, I am honoured.

Wow! you are such a phenomenal personality,  ma’am. How can you describe your childhood dreams and aspirations?

As a child, I am that kid with no dream, yes, I never knew the meaning of that word. Just like every other kids who wanted to become a Medical Doctor, A Lawyer or An Accountant, I used to be among those who will raise up their hands to support the Doctor’s motion, but my dreams and aspirations started when I climbed the adolescent stage, I saw life in a different way, I saw what I want to do, where I want to be, places I need to go, and steps I need to take.

I can describe them as changing the narratives, the dream is not one neither two, but their importance is to attain global dominance stage and change the narratives of teenagers.

That’s  really interesting. Are you living those dreams? 

Yes, oh definitely!

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 You are a phenomenal Brand Visibility Consultant, Graphics Designer, Writer, Photographer and Teen Coach. Tell us what event shaped your decision  to go into those spheres?

Okay! Let me start with photography, I love taking pictures, if you ask anyone around me that what is that one thing Ifeoluwa can’t do without, it’s either taking pictures or talking, some call me the motivational speaker just because of my talkative nature, I just love sharing my knowledge on things I know. Back to the photography journey, when I discovered I was spending too much time at home earning #5,000 as my salary then as a teacher, my brother advised me to learn a skill, that was year 2018, I obliged and was happy about the new development, I signed up for photography and graphics designing, so I learnt the skills and improve on them.

From being an ordinary graphics designer, I become a brand visibility consultant, because I get branding most of the time and they also need my service to bring the brands to limelight, and since I started, more brands have been coming for visibility consultations which more are still coming by God’s grace.

About the Teenspiration brand, I went through some stage during my teenage period, my urge to correct those mistakes pushed me to establish the brand, we’re still planning on our first offline event by God’s grace.

That is really awesome I must comment. As a lady, have you faced any challenge or confrontations concerning the fact you have multi potentials? 

Yes. They come with many task, sometimes they drain you, you just have to gather more strength to face others.

I commend your resilience, ma’am. How can you personally define success and what is your #1 success habit?

Personally, success is an achievement that comes with my satisfaction. My #1 habit is action.they accumulate to my success

That’s really great. Which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why?


My parents and siblings are the number one, their words of encouragement keep me moving.

Mr Akolade Oluwatoba  brought me up from the Miry clay when I was clueless about what people call purpose, he coaches and mentors me even up till date, He really impacted my life positively.

Olumide Glowvilles  helped me with content creation, he advised me when I was growing

Lastly, the great king, the Legend John Obidi,   though, I haven’t set my eyes on him, but he has immensely impacted my life in a way I can’t comprehend, his words are thought and action provoking words, I’m grateful to him for the platform he created.

And for BOOKS

The first one is this great book titled    The book really helped me on how to move close to people of influence, how to win their hearts and how to make me irresistible to them. “How to win friends and influence by Dale Carnegie”

Second one is “Seize today by John Mason” this book has 39 deep questions therein, in which you evaluate yourself and see what’s wrong and what you should fix.

At the Resmash Conference 2.0 November, 2019

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That’s interesting, ma’am. I can attest to the fact that John Obidi is an icon the world is blessed to have.  So tell us what is the biggest factor that has helped you to be successful at what you do especially as a lady and do you think this factor can be applied in other fields?

The biggest factor that has helped and still helping me is my Human psychology and emotional intelligence skill. I know how to relate with people and by volunteering, I get rapid help, it makes the journey easier.

Beautiful! Tell us about Teenspiration and other projects. 

“Teenspiration” is a Teenager platform, our present and future projects are undergoing a strategic planning, the present one is to equip teens with relevant skills so they can leverage on them profitably. The other projects are based on their self esteem and academics.

You are really doing amazing, ma’am. It’s really beautiful and commendable seeing ladies like you poised to being asset rather than liability. What can you tell ladies who think they shouldn’t go out there to create sources of income. Rather, should be provided for?

To my fellow ladies out there, we are in the 21st century, likes attract likes, no man wants to marry a liability, the only formula behind getting glued to an asset man is for you to be an asset too. In this generation, women are leading, you can’t remain dependent, there will be a time, the one you depend on will get tired, men needs an invaluable woman, your nation needs an asset lady, you own your story, creating source of income brings influential respect. Don’t wait for someone to provide for you, you are made for more.

Wise counsel, ma’am. Talk about the biggest failure you’ve had. What did you learn from it?

Biggest failure? Okay. My biggest failure was when I was delaying my growth and personal development, I was not taking action then, It was when I  realized I had missed some crucial  opportunities that I had to restart. The lesson I learnt from it is that, time is very precious, what you are supposed to do today, don’t wait till tomorrow, you don’t know which would work, just act.

Very true,  ma’am. Delay is lethal to growth. Tell us what is one piece of conventional advice you disagree with most strongly?

The one who eat last eats the best. Sometimes, you have to eat first, because when you get there, you might never meet anything. Whose loss? You of course. Not all time is that advice reasonable.

I quite agree with your take on that. As a lady, how can you rate the support of the african society in the growth and success of women?

In this generation, African society are supporting the growth and success of women. Most of the helping platforms in Nigeria are based on female, financial help is giving, grants, media help and lots more. So women are getting support from the African society

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That’s really encouraging. Can you share with us the hardest decision you ever had to make to reach this feat?

Used 100% of my then salary to pay for mentorship. It was difficult, but thank God it paid off

Wow! That’s a hard but profitable one. Briefly, what can you say are the basic steps to living a fulfilled life? 

  • Find God first, seek his face for direction
  • Have a vision and mission
  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Be happy with your process
  • Be sure you are on the right track

These are indeed key to fulfilment. What does a typical day in your week look like? And how do you manage your time, being a lady having other responsibilities such as academics, home chores etc?

A typical day in my week is always hectic. Sometimes I feel unnecessary headache because of thinking, I plan my schedule, I make sure I work at the right place, if not, I won’t be productive that day. So the two things are, planning and right environment.

That’s commendable. What is the best advice you can give to anyone who desires to be successful at what they do? 

Anyone who desire to be successful at what they do should have this in mind that every desire requires action, you must keep doing something towards that desire, you must be ruthless about it, and you need people, you can’t do it all alone.

That’s really a wise counsel, ma’am. What will you love to tell every lady out there, on becoming successful at what they do?

To every lady who wants to be successful, success is not for the weak, you have to be a man, sometimes, you will feel like giving up, but brace up and kick out the quiting thought, and smash those goals. Also, don’t let anyone deprive you of your dignity, that’s your landmark, it’s your sweat, your baby, handle it with all you’ve got, the brave wins not the weak. 

Awesome! What can you tell ladies out there, who have given up on living their dreams because of challenges such as lack of support from immediate soceity; family and other personal challenges?

My piece of advice for them is that they should not give up, they should face the challenges, who knows, the gain may be near, keep moving, there is surely gain in a pain.

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Building your portfolio seminar, July, 2020

Quotes by Agboola Ifeoluwa

“Discomfort pushes you out to strive more, it helps you find solution.”

“Some endurance leads to death, find your happiness first.”

“Your past is an horror movie, change the channel and move on.”

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