Differences Between Destiny And Purpose; Understanding Purpose; My Story of Knowing Purpose.

I got to have my first idea on Purpose in 2015 when a friend I connected with on Facebook invited me to an online seminar he convened on WhatsApp. Prior to that time, I just have a conviction that “I should live for any good cause.” 

The seminar melted the chain of ignorance holding me back and launched me to freedom with the knowledge that, “I shouldn’t live for just any good cause but for the perfect intention/purpose I was created for.” As time roll, with intentionality I have been gaining more clarity on “the purpose of my existence” as a person as well as knowing Purpose and Destiny are two different words which shouldn’t be used interchangeably. On that note, for more enlightenment on the subject of purpose, I decided to highlight some nuggets about it, to enable individuals gain more clarity on “what it means and what makes it  important.”

But before that,  let’s look at the differences between Destiny and Purpose. These two words have been often used Interchangeably (as synonyms). It is necessary to note that they are two words with different meaning. Let’s examine their definitions with examples.

Destiny is a condition foreordained by  Divine or human will. Or destiny is where or the condition a person is going to end up in. Or destiny is something that is to happen or has happened to a person or thing (lot or fortune) which is usually inevitable or irresistible. 

Purpose is the reason a person was created. Purpose is the original intent of God before he created every man. It is the reason for life, just as a manufacturer will have a purpose in mind for a product before going into production. Purpose is the requisite for life, without it life has no meaning.

Example of Purpose:

  1. The purpose of a hammer is to whack in nails into walls or woods. 
  2. The purpose of a leader is to serve and influence his followers positively.
  3. The purpose of a musician is to influence lives with the lyrics or melody of his songs.

Examples of Destiny:

These examples are built on the examples of Purpose above.

  1. The destiny of a hammer might be to be abandoned, go rusty and be thrown in the trash. Or, even to be used as a murder weapon and end up as evidence. Or, it might be used to whack in nails a lot Or, might be to break rocks. 
  2. The destiny of a leader might be to be impeached because of bad leadership qualities. Or, might be to finish his tenure with good record and receive awards. Or,  to die before his tenure ends. 
  3. The destiny of a musician might be to be famous and celebrated after releasing his first album or track. Or, to run mad due to consumption of hard drug. Or, to loose a large some of money in shooting a track that won’t sell. 

From the above, we can now differentiate Destiny from Purpose. 
Below are some powerful nuggets to help you comprehend the subject of interest, “Purpose of Existence.”

  • Purpose is the reason for your existence. Hence,  purpose is greater than life because purpose comes before God created you. 

  • The need for a solution to a particular problem in your family, society or the globe,  gave birth to your creation. 

  • Profession, talent, gift, skills,  are not individually in themselves purpose. Rather,  they are media to live/fulfill purpose; they are the necessary ecosystem for the exploitation of purpose.

  • Purpose cannot be changed because the manufacturer cannot be changed. If anyone or anything could carryout your purpose, you would have not been created. But pseudo (false) purpose can be discovered when the manufacturer (God) is not consulted with the attributes of patience, intentionality and consistency. 

  • Purpose completes a man.  Hence, a man of purpose completes, not compete. 

  • Existing and Living are two different words when it comes to purpose. Existing is just being alive without a sense of ones purpose. Living is being alive and fulfilling ones purpose. When you live,  your impart is felt. You can exist and not live. 

  • The focus of God is not just prophesy and revelation but also fulfilment and manifestation (actualizing purpose). See Romans 8:19

  • Purpose is not an activity; it’s an experience/influence. E.g the purpose of a musician is not singing but the impart the melody or lyrics of his song makes on his audience. 

  • The purpose of every man is built on the purpose of God for his creation, to be fulfilled in different spheres of life in variety of forms. 

  • The impart of purpose is not limited to family, religion, culture or geographical and political boundary.

  • Actualizing/fulfilling  purpose is a journey that requires grace, consistency, courage; the fruit of the Holy Spirit. It’s worth noting that every purpose has a particular fruit of the spirit that an individual needs more because it enables the individual to efficiently fulfill it. 

  • Fulfilling purpose makes an individual live full and die empty rather than living empty and dying full with all his potentials.


‘’Unknown purpose always wastes time and gives the possibility of danger.’’
-Myles Munroe 

‘’What you are and how you are was predetermined by why you are.’’
-Myles Munroe 

“There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.”
-Oprah Winfrey

‘’He who has time to burn will never give the world much light. Killing time is not murder, its suicide.’’
-Myles Munroe 

 ‘’Purpose doesn’t make life easy. It makes life possible.’’
-Myles Munroe 

 ‘’God predestines everything so that the purpose precedes the destination.’’
-Myles Munroe

“What am I living for and what am I dying for are the same question.” 
Margaret Atwood 

In one of my subsequent articles, I will guide you step-wisely on how you can discover your purpose as well as guide others. 

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