EndSars:A Poem; A Generation Dreamt Of.


“To serve our fatherland with love and strength and faith”

The lies we hear night and day

Loud enough that it broke the heart of truth

In to pieces of weaknesses that saturated our mind

Making us pretend all was fine because

Democracy said we are free

Feigning peace and “content” in a setting of a horror movie

With our hearts trembling from the deadly chill of

injustice, brutality, corruption, nepotism and sentiment

We court the mindset, “Nigeria will be great” for years

Hoping someone somewhere somehow will workout a miracle

Alas! The labor of our heroes past is coming vain

The ugly side of democracy!

Yet I see the “national prayer” being answered 

 A generation of youth with bolt of unity is rising

Though bruised from democracy gone wrong yet tremendous in patience

A generation rising in love and honesty regardless of faith and tribe

Making the worn-out fabric of our being Nigerians a tapestry of honour and pride

A generation with boundless grace 

Rebuilding a nation bound in freedom, unity and peace

A nation that nations will see fit to call, “Great”

This is the generation dreamt of

To make Nigeria great again.

#endSARS #endpolicebrutality #endSWAT

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