Hacks To Avoid Giving Up In Life.

“I can’t do this” she said to him. 

“I know. But at least give it a trial. You never can tell how far you can go if you don’t try.” Kenneth said to Rose.

“I know I won’t go far!” Rose said confidently.

“Not until you give it a trial. At least you might make mistakes and fail at some points but that doesn’t mean you will never get it right and be excellent in it.” Kenneth said to Rose encouragingly

“That’s it! I am afraid of making mistakes and failing. I will me made a laughing stock. I know I was the one that showed Interest in it. Now,  I don’t feel like the interest is still hanging in there. So just let me quit. I will get something else to venture into.” She said, in a tone that makes it sound like that’s her final decision.

Kenneth has so much faith in Rose. He wouldn’t give in to her not believing in herself. He said gently, “I know it’s not been easy for you. But quitting isn’t an option to consider either. You are not quitting because the interest is no longer there but because you are afraid of making mistakes. And quitting because of that,  isn’t worth it. You are better than this,  Rose.”

Rose is a lady with so much passion for public speaking. Though naturally, she is an introvert, Who would love to speak to the audience through an audio medium rather than standing in the podium. But her passion requires her to stand on the podium.

Rose decided to enroll in a public speaking coaching program along with other individuals. She always find it difficult to answer questions in the program because some group of ladies love making jest of people with such difficulty in the group they often make comments like, “You don’t fit in.  Stop stressing yourself.” And she has been a victim.

A month into the program, they were given task each, which requires them to get a topic of each person’s choice, and present it in the next coaching class. She got goosebumps immediately, on hearing that. Hence,  she told Kenneth, her closest friend, that she was going to quit. And after their conversation, Rose was still pressed on her decision to quit, which she did.

A lot of us are very much like Rose. We quit phenomenal journeys because of the fear of making mistakes or failing. We have this perception that even if the process will be straining, we shouldn’t make mistakes or fail. Hence,  when we do, we feel that’s the end of the road “we can’t attain excellence.”

Rose felt that way. A lot of us do as well. But that doesn’t mean we should let our decisions on how far we can go be tossed about by such perceptions because sooner or later, we would wish we never gave such perception a chance to be the wind in our sail.

If Thomas Edison was alive, he would have said this to you again, “Never get discouraged if you fail. Learn from it. Keep trying.”

Thomas Edison is one of the individuals that has failed consecutively but never took quitting for an option. When he was asked weather he felt like a failure after failing over 999 times in trying to invent the electric bulb,  he said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 999 ways the electric bulb won’t work.”

Last two weeks,  I joined the choir at my local church and I was fixed at the alto part. I found it hard identifying the musical notes and symbols and even after I was tutored on them, I often make mistakes especially in trying to make the sound of my voice tune to the other alto singers. Hence, in a chat with the choir master, who is a friend as well, I made a request to be permitted to sit on the pew closest to the choir so I can be observing them while they minister since it was my first time. He then replied, “Smiles. You don’t have to. If you will continue sitting there, you won’t learn. You have to make the mistake then, they correct you. Yes, make the mistake. Yes make them, so we can correct you.” That was just what I needed, “make the mistake!” since then, I gain more conviction on my hopes of becoming a better chorister someday.

Quitting because of the fear of making mistakes or failing, is a reality a lot of us need to give “quit-notice” to, in our lives. Just because you are making mistakes or failing now,  doesn’t mean you will never excel at it. Don’t end up like Rose. Don’t let the fears of making mistakes and failing keep you away from illuminating the greatness in you.

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