He was depressed So He Did This…

He was overwhelmed by life’s hills and valleys playing hide and seek in his life so he poured out his pains on a piece of paper hoping someone finds out before it’s late. 

Tired of life
Can’t let this anger out
Could worsen the sleeping predicaments
I can only scream in my head.

Like I’m drowning
Can’t breathe
Trying to hold out my head
But, it keeps getting worse

Thinking of suicide
At the same time, Scared of death
In my head, dying is the only way out
Help! I cry in my dreams every night.

No one thinks of how I’m feeling
They feel I’m the strongest
Deep down, Some know
I’m in a reservoir of pains.

The ulcer is back and worse
Don’t want to ask for help
‘Cause I hope it kills me
At  same time,
I hope someone finds out.

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