How To Avoid Bad Omen; How I got To Avoid The Ones That Almost Got Some Of My Days

Have you ever woken up in the morning of a day you planned on achieving something phenomenal; going for an interview, writing examination or test, hosting or being a guest at a program, etc but all of a sudden things began working against your success?

Most often,  it might be due to anxiety or life just unfolding it mystery for you to unravel. This will often caress that part of the brain that makes you believe it’s a bad omen. Hence, your day will not be as fruitful or wonderful as planned.

Personally, I have experienced that, a handful of times and until the fall of 2019, I have fallen victim of going through my day with the perception; “bad omen” (that my day would be a bad one) baked and iced in my mind. You can imagine the result of going through my day with such mindset.

Having known that,  the question is, “how can omen be avoided?”
The answer is, bad omen cannot be avoided. I am much more convinced to say “bad omen are scenarios that test our ability to personally affirm God’s words for our lives.” Hence, since bad omen cannot be avoided, what should be done instead? 

In answering the above question, the right question that gives the most satisfying answer would be, “How can the realization of bad omen be avoided?”

It can be defeated by “speaking life to your day or situation at hand.” The answer is very simple yet difficult to act on. It’s just like being the facilitator of a program which is to start in the next 20minutes and you are still held at the traffic which will take at least 40 minutes, but you keep on saying to yourself, you will arrive the venue in the next 15 minutes. To everyone, that’s impossible, but to you, it is. Even when you don’t see it surfacing immediately.

Since I discover the power of “affirming God’s promises over my life,” I often speak life to my day; even though not consistently, but whenever I do, it reorient the awful feeling; “bad omen” that it won’t have my day this time. In fact, there are days when in a hurry I will recall not affirming my daily affirmations before leaving home. Because of how important I see it to my day, I will affirm it before I continue my activities for the day.  And this has been working for me.

In summary, the most important and productive strategy of avoiding the realization of bad omen, aside “planning and execution,” is speaking life to every awful feeling you have about something to come. This should be done in the  presence or absence of that awful perception before getting busy for the day.

In the next blog post I will show you how you can create a daily affirmation that will help you in dealing with bad omen and my testimony of how it has helped me.

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