How To Become The Words You Speak To Yourself.

The morning was sour he could taste it as he made way to the window to let the rays of Vitamin D and ventilation refresh the stale air in the room. After pacing four steps from the  mirror attached to the wardrobe, he sluggishly retraced his steps to have a look at himself. 

He was round, 4 foot 9 inches, light skin, with a protruding belly from his frequent consumption of drinks and junks. He loves to eat till he can’t have a bite because he feels sleepy. Often, at the hours of 10:30pm, he will have 5 empty bottles of drinks lying at his feet. Looking at the reflection of himself in the mirror, he scrunch up his face in dismay, recalling the words of the gym instructor.

“Who can ever loose 60 pounds in two weeks?” he soliloquized carelessly.

“Oh! It’s past gym time. It’s 8 o’clock again. Well, I will just shed off some weight here at home.”

10 minutes later,  he was already two steps away from the fridge to get the leftover chocolate glazed doughnut He ordered from his favorite eatery. He hopes to shed off 60 pounds in two weeks.

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In the above story, we can see the conflict between the man’s desire, and what he is doing to realize that desire.  The young man wanted to look less round, hence he registered at a gym to achieve this goal. But his attitude towards the weight loss process is baneful. That’s typical of what affirming positive words to oneself without being diligent, is. 

Attaining success in whatever sphere of life you choose isn’t theoretical. One needs to employ diligence in realizing whatever he wants to see in his life. 

The affirmations   you speak to yourself are beliefs that require actions. If you restrain yourself from being diligent enough to realize those affirmations, it begin to loose it power in becoming reality in your life. 

Regardless of how often you keep reaffirming  any positive statement to yourself, if you fail to employ the right attitude that is healthy to making it reality in your life, it will be hard to see yourself living out those words. It’s as important as healthy diet and keeping consistent appointment with the gym instructor, to the man in the story above. 

A consistent conscious attitude and actions are the easiest ways to become your affirmationsMaking significant efforts  to do the needful, gives you an edge in attaining success regardless of the sphere of life. 

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