How To Cope As A Perfectionist.

“Don’t worry I will fix everything myself. You can all leave.” 

She said, feasting her face on the laptop. Becky is the CEO of “DEWTECH World” she is dominantly a melancholy. Most times she would work almost 24hours just to make sure she does a perfect job. You can say she is a workerholic  She often wishes eating was optional so she could skip meals just to work. Her company design games and applications for clients. And the company has been credited for that. 

One of their biggest investor needed the company to design a game that will sell in the market. On this account, Becky set a meeting with her creative experts but she was not satisfied with what they came up with. Hence, she angrily decided to single handedly carryout the project; seeking nobody’s view. She didn’t think of giving them second chance or collectively create something.

After a week, she reach Mr. Steve, informing him the game was ready. When he came, he was amazed at the overview she gave him but to his disappointment, the game didn’t run properly because there were errors in the coding. This was because Becky was too exhausted to try running and checking the program, for errors. And for that reason, DEWTECH world lost their biggest investor.

At times, we often wish we could operate efficiently in different aspects of life; giving solution to every problem just like Becky in the above story. Sometimes this might pop up, out of selfish desires for fame while other times out of the desire to see things being done perfectly without errors or anger. The later is often birth by perfectionism which is one of the attributes of the melancholies.

The above fact has left a significant number of people finding it hard, the solution they can best proffer and also believing they should function effectively in every sphere, which if they don’t, their self-esteem suffers great weight-loss; negativism. This can be applied in different fields of life be it profession, activities at leisure, family decision making, and what have you. 

One important Fact we should come to the knowledge of is,  “Every Human equals A Single Solution” regardless of the number of talents,  skills and profession he has. These talents,  skills and profession are media through which he can proffer this solution. It’s just like serving carbohydrate in different form (rice, yam, flour etc). When you are meant to serve carbohydrates, serve it the best way you can and leave the vitamin to be served by the right person assigned for the job. If only Becky had given her creative experts a second chance,  and sort others view like the programmers, they would have had an error free project. 

God created everyone to solve a single problem that is why we have billions of human, each unique to the solution he was created to bring about. If peradventure one single person could solve the world’s problem, then everyone will just exist, die and go to heaven since he has nothing to really give account of. 

Ever wondered what makes a house comfortable to live in? No single structure in the house alone,  can provide comfort except every structure is in it rightful position and condition. So also, one person can’t completely make the world a better place except others are rightly positioned doing the needful. Becky thought she could design a perfect game but she failed at it and it cost the company. It’s sad she learnt the hard way. 

Further, the fact that everyone equals a solution doesn’t mean being versatile is not an option. In fact being versatile is a great advantage. If you resolve to knowing the solution you can best give as a person, it will help you find your true self and give you a single pointed arrow rather than pointed arrows in life. 

Ever wondered why there are life coaches and mentors in different fields? Simply because everyone has a field he is best at. 

The words of Mother Teresa read, 

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.”

this just mean everyone has his/her part to play. Hence,  instead of trying to solve every problem, find your niche, and fix the problem in it while engaging others where necessary.
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