How To Deal With Challenges.

He was so full of joy, confidence, and passion for his new goal. He had set to-do list,  mapped out the journey and put everything into place to see that by the end of the year, he achieve his goal (To start his own clothing line) Tom was so sure that he had everything mapped out so there won’t be any challenge that will spring up.
At 4th he early days of his journey, Tom’s journey was one that you could term “perfect as planned” but unfortunately, at a percentage of 60, of his journey, he hit a bump that cost him a setback; he lost his job. And that was his only source of income. From that moment, he decided to give up on the goal.

Just like Tom,  a lot of individuals have given up on their goals because of the challenges they faced on their journey. They couldn’t continue because of the mindset they had at the beginning of their journey; the “Perfect as Planned” Mindset believing challenges ONLY come as a result of one’s carelessness. It’s true challenges happen due to carelessness but not all challenges.
There are moments when life decides to happen; challenges, especially when we are on a journey to achieving a goal. Hence,  to avoid giving up, one needs to have the mindset that;

“No matter how perfect the strategies are,  challenges might spring up. “
This mindset will not only equip someone to think of ways to overcome possible challenges, but will also help the individual persevere through that moment. If only Tom had this mindset, he would have not given up on that life changing goal of his.
So dear,  before embarking on that journey have the mindset that challenges might spring up no matter how perfect the strategies you have. This will help you achieve your goal without thinking of giving up at the unset of challenges.

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