How To Overcome Boredom And Laziness Amidst The Covid-19 Lock Down; The power Of Using To-do List

I will agree with you if you tell me what you do most, amidst this Covid-19 lock down is sleep and chat because you feel bored.  I know that boredom feeling that makes you feel lazy to do things you would have done during a normal weekday.

A lot of people have literally become unproductive due to this lock down and this is something they would wish to overcome because if they don’t, after the lock down, they will regret giving in to that lazy feeling that took the most of their time.

The question now is; “How can we overcome this feeling of laziness and procrastination that makes us unproductive?”

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Below are the answers.


This might sound familiar as “plan! plan! plan!” But let’s look at it this way; to-do list to an extent, has been taken to be a time management tool used when one has a “scroll-list” or lots of task to do. This is true but it is also a useful tool in becoming productive when there is little or less to do especially amidst this covid-19 pandemic that has resulted to social distancing.

Creating a to-do list of what you feel is necessary to do daily while you stay at home will increase your productivity in different aspect of your life; profession, knowledge, health, relationship, finance, spirituality etc.

What skill do you think you need to learn?

What do you think it’s necessary to do now that you are home 24/7?

What book have you been wishing to read but haven’t gotten time to?

What knowledge have you thought of acquiring to help you become current in your profession?

What spiritual habit have been a burden in your heart to develop?

These are questions that you can ask yourself to help you create a daily to-do list. This is a trick that persuade’s your brain into helping you become productive so you won’t regret doing nothing, later.


Keeping your daily to-do list light is a motivation itself. When your list is much, it feels like a herculean task and it will demoralize you at some point.
For me,  I always make sure my daily to-do list isn’t beyond 5. It makes it more achievable and encouraging.

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Also, don’t make your light list full of much hard task at mediate, add light task. In doing this, slate time for each task.


sticky notes are very helpful when it comes to reminding yourself somethings that needs to be done. Personally, I use sticky notes in writing my daily to-do list and it is very handy.  I use both paper sticky notes and the android Sticky Note App.

If you are always with your phone, then installing this App will be very handy. There are various sticky notes App on Google Play Store but the best I have seen used so far is Download Sticky Notes because it’s equipped with a widget that allows you to stick your note to the home screen. Click to download.


For each activity/task on your to-do list, set alarm for time to start and end. Alarm helps you keep to time with each activity.

Here is a trick that will help you adapt. When it’s time to end any activity, try not to exceed that time no matter how you enjoy carrying it out. When you do that, you will want to keep to time in starting the same activity the next day because you wouldn’t want to wish you had started earlier. If you feel you need more time for that activity, effect the time on your to-do list for the next day. This will help you discipline yourself to overcome laziness because you won’t feel you have enough time to-do it hence, you won’t procrastinate when not necessary.

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