How To Practically Overcome/Conquer Jealousy; Be Like Mike

He smiled at Mike and said, “Congrats Man! You deserve it!” 

Mike just got promoted to the position of the “Head Of Department of Engineering” at the automobile production company where he works. Everyone has always commended his competence. In fact, he won the “Outstanding Staff Of The Year” thrice,  consecutively because he was committed, resourceful, intelligent and a man of integrity especially when it comes to his faith. 

Charles, his friend, works in the Finance Department of the same company. They met during their National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) which is a mandatory one year service after graduating from the University or Polytechnic (Higher National Diploma) in Nigeria. Fortunately, they base in the same state. Hence,  they became close friends.

After service, they both applied for job at the company and were employed. Charles is an individual who finds it hard helping others. If he has to help you, you will need to assure him that you will give him the credit in the public; he loves public praise. Also, Charles lacks integrity. He could say one thing now, and deny saying it later. For that reason, when people have issues with their wages and allowance, they always avoid laying the complaint to him. Even though he was intelligent and resourceful, he lacks integrity and humility.

That day, after Mike promotion was announced  Charles went back home and had a discussion with his wife, Racheal. 

Charles: Guess what happened at work today? 

Racheal: Love,  you know I am not too good at guessing.

Charles: Mike was promoted to the position of the head of his department. Can you imagine? And we started working at the same time. I was supposed to be promoted in my department as well but Stephen was promoted instead (Stephen and Charles work in the same department and he was promoted to a higher position that same day) I sense a foul play there. 

Racheal: Oh Darling, you know Mike deserves that position. He really does. No one can dispute it.  I’m really happy for him. You should, as well. And for Stephen, you know Stephen also deserves it. From what you’ve been telling me about him,  he is one of the most committed staff in your department and he has been there before you came to the company. Be happy for them, Love. Your time will definitely come just be patient and work hard.

Charles: Oh! So you think I am not working hard right? All my sleepless night is not hard work, right? You know what?  Goodnight. (He went to bed.)

It’s obvious how jealousy was littered in Charles’ words; he wanted what he never merited. A lot of individuals are more like Charles; they become jealous of others’ achievements or awards simply because they are not the ones in such positions.

Some people believe jealousy is a propeller to being challenged to achieving ones goal and attaining greatness. Could this be true? 

 Things certain about jealousy are:

It makes you look down on your potentials as a unique individual.

It makes you loose your sense of uniqueness, leaving you at the mercy of wanting “to be someone else,” because of their achievements and praises showered on them instead of wanting “to be like them.” 

It makes you develop hatred or unhealthy attitudes towards the person. 

It makes you see the person’s attitude as pride even when it’s not. 

It develops pride in you. 

These, and more can be what jealousy can bring about in a person’s life and these are very unhealthy to a person’s growth in all ramification. 

So the question is,  how can jealousy be conquered? 

Be like Mike!  Yes. “Develop competence:” the qualities that described Mike’s competence were his commitment, resourcefulness, intelligence and integrity, especially when it comes to his faith. If only Charles had these qualities, he would have been integral with his congratulatory words to Mike. If you can develop competence by housing those qualities in you,  then you will have no reason to be jealous of others achievements. In fact,  you will be happy because you know it’s their season of reaping the efforts and sacrifices they sowed. And yours, will soon surface. 

Dr. Bankole Ilesanmi, in his book,  “Developing Competence,” wrote,  “One of the things that keep a man at the top is the strength of his character.” You can’t expect to be given a higher responsibility that comes with privileges when you can’t be trusted with little responsibility because of your character. Hence, “be like Mike!” 

It’s never too late to reshape your path and send parking, Miss jealousy. Dr. Bankole Ilesanmi wrote, “If you can change your heart, you can change your life.” You just need to start by being intentional about it and seeking the sufficiency of God’s grace because God has the power to reshape your mind into the necessary paradigm needed for your greatness. The decisions you make in life about “change,” determines how far you will go in life. 

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