How To Realize Your Dreams/Visions Amidst Odds

She was 21 years old. Nobody would see her and not appreciate her pretty face and eight figured anatomy, with beautiful dreams and vision. Her smile could charm you. A saint she was, Wendy.

Growing up in the neighborhood along side other kids,  Wendy, without doubt had one of the most creative mind that could change her life and that of her family.

She was so good at creative writing that she couldn’t go a day without writing. She was good at using the power of her mind to give meaning to every piece of structure visible to her eyes.

Wendy always loves to share the outcome of her creative thought with her friends. Unfortunately, her friends don’t really fancy her “creative thought” despite how facinating it could be. They would rather mock her.  They were always eager to shut her up. It was obvious they wanted her out of their clique because she was from the poorest barground in the neighborhood along side she was the only one not in the tertiary institution among them. They never appreciated her for once nor her vision or skills.

Out of all the youths in the neighborhood, only few appreciated her. At first, she really felt degected and inferior. She left each and every thread of the tapestry of her self-esteem loose because she couldn’t find much reason to keep holding on to the vision of becoming an author and a freelancer. “Maybe dreams are meant to be fulfilled and appreciated only when you are wealthy or popular” she thought.

Like Wendy,  there are a lot of individuals who are victims of the world’s ignorance of their potentials. No matter how much effort they put into unleashing their potentials. They are often left with the choice of either giving up or believing and appreciating vision all alone. Only few people believe and appreciate their vision. The question here is,  which will be worth it. Giving up or holding on?

(Let’s continue with the story of Wendy and know what she did)

Despite everything, Wendy didn’t give up her vision because she realized it’s not everyone that was meant to applaud her in the days of her ‘little begining.’ Also, she realized she has to keep believing and appreciating her vision before anyone else can think of doing that,  no matter how long it takes. And these kept Wendy going. It was not easy at first but she signed up for it.

At this time, Wendy had no close friends to hangout with as she used to with her friends then. And this sobered her. This made Wendy engaged in something she never thought of doing before, which made her family worried about her. Wendy decided to start going to a nearby library which made available lots of materials that could help improve her writing skills. The family got worried because Wendy should be thinking of bringing a suitor to the house since they could not afford sponsoring her to further her education, rather, she is chasing a vision that they can’t see realizing.

She kept going to the library at her leisure to the extent she was known by the Librarians. She would often write and give Miss Ruth to edit it. Miss Ruth is one of the librarian she was fond of.

19 months later, Wendy was oportuned to participate in a writing competition, which Miss Ruth informed her of. She came 4th in the competition and consolation price of a book on the art of writing, was given to her. At that point a lot of criticism and mockry was made of Wendy. A lot of people told her to give up writing and marry to become a housewife others told her she was never going to make it in writing. But as usual, she was relentless.

Wendy leverage the book she got from the competition and also the people she met, to sharpen her writing skills. She began attending seminars and this made her meet a lot of authors and great writers. Fortunately, she got a job at a publishing firm owned by one of the writers she met at a seminar. With the salary she got, she sponsored her tertiary education. Before Wendy could finish her tertiary education, she was already traveling across the country and abroad to deliver lectures on the art of creative writing.

How beautiful is the ending of Wendy’s story. A lot of individuals couldn’t continue appreciating and believing in their vision like Wendy did. This is because they let the opinion of people be the wind in their sail in the journey of realizing their vision.

One thing I have come to the understanding of, like Wendy,  is when you begin the journey to the realization of your vision, not everyone (majority) will believe and appreciate it.  Some will criticize it, putting much pressure on you to want to quit. All you have to do at this point is QUIT. Yes quit listening to them and start listening to the original intention of your journey because very soon they will appreciate, you never listened to them at the first place. In the above story, you will observe Wendy leverage the period when she had no one to talk to, to invest in her growth, which is one of the giant stride she took to realizing her vision. When people leave you because they think your vision is not worth believing or investing in, use that opportunity to make intentional decisions for your growth. It might not be easy to make such decision because at that moment you might be overwhelmed with pressure, but just signed up for it because later you will be glad you did.

Like Wendy, even when it seems you can’t realize the vision anytime soon,  keep moving because the next step you will be taking, might be the one last step needed to realize the vision.

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8 thoughts on “How To Realize Your Dreams/Visions Amidst Odds”

  1. I totally agree that the next step one might be taking might be the one last step needed to realize the vision.

    Beautiful piece dear.keep it coming

  2. this is 100% true, we on our own are the only ones that can help ourselves realize and achieve our visions and dreams, without allowing the society or peer group/pressure stop us from reaching or attaining our destination in life. Good one ma, more grace to you

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