One (1) Major and Important Principle to Changing Your Mindset (Habits)

The furniture and curtains had 60 seconds to bid the four peach walls and broken floor bye before leaving for their new apartment. For 10 years, they’ve enjoyed their company. 10 minutes gone, loneliness and dust filled the atmosphere of the room.

Now 30 minutes, only loneliness had the room to itself with the company of scrunched and torn papers,  torn clothes, broken furniture, shattered glasses and dark-brown particles restlessly lying on the floor. 

Twelve months gone, grasses had grown to the height of the windows. Fibres of webs adorned the walls and the hanging ceiling, giving it an “eerie sight” of a scary movie scene. The wooden door was halfway fed by termite. Insects and creepy animals had the entire room for themselves.

Most times, we make decisions and plans to change a certain habit or change our mindset in a particular sphere of our lives but end up experiencing the exact opposite of what we planned. Often, this is the fruit of ignorance and a lack of understanding of the principles that govern achieving the required result. 

The uniqueness of knowing and understanding the principles that govern the result you seek is, it reduces the obstacles, mistakes and delays in your journey that would have been the result of ignorance. David speaking to his son,  showed us how important the right principles are,  to success. 

“Then you will have success if you are careful to observe the decrees and laws that the LORD gave Moses for Israel. Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged.” (see 1Chronicles 22:13)

David urged the wisest man who ever lived, before gaining wisdom, that he should carefully follow the principles (decrees and laws) God had given. We can come to the conclusion that these principles are what helped Solomon to be sorted for his enormous wisdom.

When you learn and apply the right principles that breed success in business, you will definitely yield success. The same goes for every area of your life; relationships, family, profession, academics,  etc. This also goes for mindset and habits; understanding the principle that governs them gives you a headstart to attain success at it.  The story above gives us a clue of one principle that works so well for mindset and habits.

The Principle

In the story about the room above, we saw the result of leaving the room empty for a year; the room became filled with repelling decor. Before that, the room was occupied with decor that appeals. This reveals that when we desire to change our mindsets or habits, we need to have a new/positive mindset or habits to occupy our minds with else, we will have it occupied by what’s not appealing to our growth. 


If the room had been renovated or occupied, it wouldn’t have been an abode for creepy creatures. Let’s take a look at this scenario: you desire to change a habit, say; inconsistency. But fail to create opportunities for yourself to intentionally become consistent and any opportunity that life unfolds to you, you intentionally roll it up. With such an attitude, there is a high probability that you will become much more inconsistent than you were because you failed to intentionally fill the empty space in your mind that was supposed to be occupied with consistency by taking hold of the opportunities life unveils. 

This principle applies to every area of your life. More like the usual saying, 

“an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” 


When you leave your mind empty, it becomes a workshop for the enemy of your potential. Hence, the necessary principle you need to understand and adopt is, 

“Always maximize the new opportunities life gives you to adopt the new mindset or habit you desire, when you let go of the old one because an idle mind breeds inefficiencies.” 

Final Note:

Knowing and applying the right principles in changing your mindset and habits can create an unprecedented result that has the power to change the course of your life for the better. Hence,  discover and apply the necessary principles to your growth in life.

Here is an affirmation to help you adopt the right principles.


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