One Powerful, Important and Beneficial Thing To Do while The Corona Virus Lock Down Last

It’s generally believed; this social distancing, quarantine and Isolation has rendered the world still, both in communal and individual productivity in finances, influence, health etc. It is no doubt a lot of people will come out of the lock down same as they went in; without being better, in any aspect of their lives.

One principle I developed in life is, “Regardless of the situation I’m in, it’s always a plus, to come out a better person,” which anyone can adopt.

So let’s look at that one important and beneficial thing anyone can do to come out of this lock down, a better version of his/her old self.


Self-investment is an act of acquiring knowledge through variety of media, to enhance ones productivity both presently and in the future. Investing in oneself is one of the greatest investment an individual can ever make. It is the most affordable and reliable investment one can ever make.
At this moment of lock down, it is the most beneficial thing anyone can do for himself.

Here are 4 different ways you can invest in yourself:


Jim Rohn said, “The book you don’t read won’t help.” It is true indeed. Reading books is a way of broadening your horizon of knowledge, creating opportunities and proffering solutions to problems in different aspect of your life; financially, academically, in profession, relationships etc.

Reading books is indeed one of the most cheapest ways to invest in yourself, especially with the invention of e-books.
Here is an android App where you can access varieties of e-books on different areas of life; Any Book


This lock down has made the internet the most engaging social community of all times. Apart from the family whom we stay indoor with, if we want to connect with others, we will need to leverage the social space. Hence, use that to connect with like minds; those that you can share ideas with, on subjects/skills you are learning or specialised at.

This will expose you to new and updated  knowledge in your sphere of specialization. It will as well offer opportunities like online webiner and competitions where you can learn and earn from your skills. This is one sure way to invest in yourself especially in this season. 

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Everyone has a bad practice or say, habit. And these bad practices can really affect a person. Hence, work on how to quit those bad practices and watch how the quality of your life improves. Examples of bad practices are, procrastination, excessive sleep, laziness, etc. 


Finally, If you don’t learn to celebrate yourself, especially when you achieve the goals on your to-do list, no one will. It might sound absurd when I say celebrating your self is a way of investing in yourself.

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Here is the trick; studies have shown that anytime a person achieves a mark and is celebrated,  it motivates him to achieve more. Aside that,  it helps to improve ones self-esteem. That’s it. When you celebrate yourself by doing something you love doing at home, your subconscious mind holds on to the cause, and keeps reminding you of what awaits you if you can finish the task at hand. And the more you complete more task, the better you become the best version of yourself.

In summary, when you make the decision to invest in yourself now, you will come to acknowledge how your little efforts is bringing about significant improvement in your life

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