Review On “Following God’s Plan For Your Life” By Kenneth E. Hagin

Book Title: Following God’s Plan For Your Life.
Author: Kenneth E.  Hagin

When you need a book to help you align with the plan of God for your life, “Following God’s Plan For Your Life” is the go-to book. The author brought to the knowledge of his readers, the advantages and disadvantages of aligning and not aligning ones life with God’s plan for him, with examples from personal experience and experience of those he knew. Hence,  the book is not just about theories of following the plan of God for one’s life,  but realistic facts from his everyday life. 
The book discussed varieties of issues relating to people’s life that affects their alignment with God’s plan for their lives. Real life issues like challenges, decisions, growth, timing, self-esteem, ways (4) God speaks to people, Spiritual gifts, fruits of the Holy Spirit and lots more. If you haven’t read this book, then you should include it on the list of books you will read because you will need an added knowledge from this book to live a fulfilled life in alignment with God’s plan for your life. 

Below are some insights from the book. 
  • Let it encourage you that you have a family in heaven’s grandstand cheering you on as you run your race.
  • Sometimes, God doesn’t reveal to us the reason why some people don’t receive their healing. (Scripture reference Deuteronomy 29:29)
  • God is not going to pull off your “coat” (sin or weight) — those weights and sin that slow you down—and let them aside for you: you are going to have to do it.

  • Often,  the difficulties we face in running our race are not the result of God’s yoke upon us or trying to fulfill his will for our lives. Many times the difficulties we encounter are the result of what we have failed to do by not stripping off everything that would hinder us. 
  • Running the race set before us with patience is important and will save us difficulty.
  • “I also learned not only to get the WHAT of God’s plan, but to continue to pray until I have  the WHEN and the HOW”

  • God has prepared a plan for your life, but you are not always ready to fulfill the next step of that plan.  So God will take whatever time is needed to develop and train you before he brings to pass what He has spoken to your heart. 
  • Days of preparation are never lost time. 
  • God has a way. But he has a timing. And to move out if his timing is to move out of his will. 
  • The  desires of God for our lives is to maintain the glow of the Holy Spirit. (Scripture reference is Romans 12:11)

  • Believers could receive baptism in the Holy Spirit and still lack wisdom and they would get things in a mess. 
  • There is a lot more to maintaining the Spirit filled life than just jumping up and down and laughing and shouting in the Holy Ghost.
  • If you are going through a test or trial, you are not thanking God because of the test.  But  because you have another opportunity to prove Him faithful and exercise and develop your faith.
  • Another mark of a spirit filled life is humility 

  • “I learnt that the thing I am unwilling to do could be the very thing God in his wisdom may need me to do.”
  • We will only experience the fullness of God’s plan and the full measure of his anointing and blessing on our lives if we are willing to obey Him in every area of our lives. 
  • It is on the path of obedience where God reveals his glory and your strength is renewed day by day. 

  • You must determine to always keep a tender conscience if you want to develop your spirit.
  • What will happen to your life in the future will be a result of your present prayer life. 
  • A distinct characteristics of the word of wisdom is that it always speaks of the future. 
  • Obedience to God only brings benefit. 

  • You have the personal responsibility to wait before the Lord in the word and in prayer in order to receive his direction  for your life. 
  • The subject of forgiveness has a two fold application… you have to forgive others when they miss it,  but you also have to forgive yourself when you miss it in some areas of your life.
  • Walking in the flesh will get you in to trouble everytime.

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2 thoughts on “Review On “Following God’s Plan For Your Life” By Kenneth E. Hagin”

  1. This review is laced with so much insight on the book which by all standards is a must read.

    God's plan for our lives must be apprehended and duly followed and this book from Papa Kenneth Hagin will help everyone navigate through God's will for their lives.

    Thank you Doris for sharing.

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