She said, “Focus On Your Race, Don’t…”

She’s beautiful, young, a lover of tech and a staunch advocate for children and teenagers against abuse of any sort. 

Meet Chidera Ochuagu. But before you get to know who she really is and what she does, munch this insightful thought she baked specially for you. It’s a steroid to living your dreams.

If you’ve ever been with people who are super dreamers, people who can spend all day dreaming and spend all day doing nothing. People whose brags are the only result they’ve got to show, You’d understand why I do not want you to end up like them.

  If you’ve been with people who are amazingly, stupidly  patient,  People who keep waiting  for a miracle that will never come through because they are the miracle they seek. People who keep waiting for light when they themselves are the light, you’d understand better why you must not end up like the rest.

If you’ve been with people who are so loose that they create no boundaries and are busy wanting to be everyone’s bestie. People who still seek fake validation and wants to be around everyone, you’d be wiser and will definitely understand more when I say, don’t end up like the rest.

If you’ve been around people who  boldly declare to anyone how much education, certificate and books they’ve read and aren’t ready to stir a change, even the tiniest of it, you’d understand better. You’d understand that there are certain people who you have to keep some few distance away from.

People who want to hang in safe all the time, they prefer settling for less than going all out to conquer and win big. They prefer that little corner the world has given to them, they wouldn’t do as much as demand for more.

From these people, keep your distance.

Focus on your race. It’s a different one. Seeking advice from these set of people will impede your growth. In fact, there are people you shouldn’t hearken to their advice. Not because they are evil or because they think evil towards you. But because, your journey is a different one. You have a higher calling.

People can only do and say things according to the level of knowledge they have. That’s why you must decide for yourself what you want from life, else the unharmful and well meaning words of your peers and family will put you in a long term trouble.

For the things you see your peers do, always remember that your focus is different. If you have to disconnect with people who make you feel less of yourself, please do.

For the journey ahead, you need your sanity and you need it whole and complete. Don’t let people pressure you into thinking you’re not on the right path. You know yourself, you know your path. Stick to it.

When that friend “blows” and becomes really successful and wealthy, do not get Carried away, don’t end up like the rest who left their race to run the race of other people. Who left their path to walk on other people’s path.

Do not end up like the rest.

Focus. Again, I say Focus.

Your path is a different one. Your race is a different one. And that’s the more reason you have to train you to listen to the you within. To listen to the voice inside, not the noise on the streets.

Except you don’t have much to do in life. Except you’re here to abide by the rules set for you. Except you’re here to just say you were once present on earth.

If you are aware of the assignment on your life, of the tasks you’re expected to fulfill, of the higher calling you’ve been called unto, you better start realiziing that your path is a less travelled one.

Not everyone who came here played their role, part of the reasons is either because they got carried away by life’s tide, or they were too afraid to act.

Whatever truck of excuses you think you’ve got. Don’t end up like them. Especially in this recent world where it’s very easy to forget your assignment and start working on someone else’s. In this age where the noise can make you derail from the plan.

Jay Shetty saidv something like this “The space in between your  ears is your most precious asset, don’t allow anyone get in there for free”.

Always and always stick to your plan. Demand more. Go the extra mile, be fearless, be tough, you’ll really need that tough skin on this journey. And, guard that space between your ears. Protect your sanity.

 For me, that is a steroid in it rightful dose.

Chidera Ochuagu is an Educator, Writer, Volunteer And a Change Maker.

She’s the founder of Smart Teens Network, an organisation focused on grooming teenagers in rural and sub urban areas to become global teen influencers.

She  believes that teenagers too can lead and cause positive change if they find their Fire and dare to rise above life’s circumstances.

She’s worked with Greenpoint and World Writers Hub. Currently she works with Kate Tales Foundation, Forever Worship Radio, The Helen Adeniyi Foundation and CharlesIzouba.

She loves nature and enjoy spending time in a serene and natural environment. She also enjoys traveling and eating local dishes.

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