Streetspiring Moments With Barnabas Haruna (A seasoned Song Writer and Minister)

Sir, it’s an honour having you grace this episode of, “Streetspiring Moments” I’m confident the insight you will share with us will be noteworthy.

I’m so glad to be here and it’s definitely an honour for me today

 So please tell us who is Barnabas Haruna?

Barnabas Haruna is a Child of God, a passionate lover of Jesus and a strategy sent from eternity(Heaven) into time(Earth) inculcating the values of the Kingdom of Heaven to humanity by all means.

Meet Barnabas Haruna on this digital space via: Barnaba Haruna Link tree

Tell us about your background, childhood, family and education.

Well, I have a lot to share about my background, childhood and all.

I was born and nurtured in a Christian and Godly home; in the northwestern part of the country, Kebbi State Nigeria; With lots of limitations because I always felt inferior among my contemporaries, as regards anything intellectual.

I can remember how I was the second to the last position in my class regarding our performance in class, I had very poor handwriting and lacked the ability to answer questions correctly; my parents did their best to pray, get me a lesson teacher and many other disciplines that would aid me to read and be a better person in school and among my friends, at the long run they started referring me to one of my late Uncle who never liked anything about studies or school but loved to work with his strength to make a living.

There was a time in my life when my teacher looked at me and said you are the type of student that looks intelligent but there’s nothing in your head; I felt bad and walked away but that word never left my mind and I almost thought I was meant to do things with my masculine strength and that I have nothing to do with anything intellectual or the ability to be creative in any way. For this reason, I had a passion to open and repair electronic appliances and it lead to repairing computers to earn a living; I still do even today. I only had this inner belief that I was going to be a great person and this belief encouraged me never to give up.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Kebbi State Science And Technology Aliero(KSUSTA), Kebbi State, Nigeria.

Was music your childhood dream?

Not exactly because I tried a lot of things while growing up; I thought I was going to be the next Kanu Nwankwo one of our finest Nigerian football legends because of my body structure, so I tried football.

I tried dancing at a point, I thought I was going to be a pastor before I found my space here. Singing, songwriting, entrepreneur, speaker and recording artist.


Did your background play any part in your decision to go into Gospel music?

Yes, it did, I grew up in a bible believing and teaching church(Eternal Redemption Mission)

Fathered and Mentored by Pastor Fola Oluyemi of blessed memories.

I listened to Gospel and all kinds of music around the house then.

Download and listen to  Barnabas Haruna’s songs via the link below

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Your songs have been of great impart in the lives of people most especially, ”Continually.”  Please tell us what inspires your songs.

I am honoured to be used by God in this era, the HOLY SPIRIT inspires me to write songs that communicate His burdens seasonally.

”Continually” is a prayer and it’s the cry of a generation seeking alignment with Jesus.

Do you have mentors? And who are they?

Yes, I have lots of them. Many I’ve met and many I’m yet to meet.

Both International and National 

Mali Music, Jonathan Mcreynolds and many more.

Tell us how you go through challenging phases of your journey, to reach this feat and how you have been handling criticisms.

I sincerely pray to God for grace and strength to continue the assignment He has given me; I also keep growing and working on myself to be the best version of myself because I learnt from Dr Myles Munroe that my most significant competitor is me, not anyone else; I can be challenged by many to do better but not intimidated by them or their results.

I thought everybody will eventually like me because of what I’m doing for Jesus but I discovered criticisms increased in my life as I kept killing the bears and lions in the bush; Critics are not really bad people, they only wish to be the one doing what you’re doing and they only express their opinions in a harsh manner. Bishop David Oyedopo once said; ”their opinions when well evaluated helps me see where I can adjust and grow. People who watch football think they know how the ball should be played better than the players on the field.”

Which national and international gospel artists do you earnestly wish to collaborate with?

National is Nathaniel Bassey

International is Jonathan Mcreynolds

You recently released a single, tell us about it and your other collaborations.

Yes, John 3:16 is my first AfroGospel; I have always had the desire to bring Jesus in different genres of music and I was given the liberty to write this song by the Holy Spirit and God has used that sound to reach a lot of young and old people and I’m so glad to have shared the Love of Jesus to men; John 15:13 talks about how he laid his life as a friend. I sincerely desire men to come to Jesus with my songs.

You have been in the Gospel music scene for a while now, how would you rate the growth in the Gospel music Industry in present times?

Sincerely the ministry has always been growing and gradually we are getting the balance between the ministry and the industry; Ministry is about Souls and Industry is about Sales. The growth has made many hear about Jesus both far and near, it has benefited many artists as regards income to enhance the quality of their productions and it has increased the rate at which Jesus is visible in the closest platforms and devices people use frequently. The rate is high but not high enough.

What are your growth/success habits?

Prayer, Studying The Word Of God, Reading Books, Practicing The Word, Listening to Music, Singing Consistently, Writing New Songs, and Intentionally Empowering people Who Desire Growth.  

What’s your take on this quote; “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without purpose?”

I believe this statement was made by Dr Myles Munroe a mentor who cheated death because he is still alive in our minds still imparting us with the wisdom he deployed before he transited from this realm; He is a Father of Purpose discovery.

If your life is not making anyone’s life better, then you are a liability to humanity; You can only make people’s live better when you walk in line with your Purpose; God’s predestined assignment customized just for you.


In a piece, what would you like to tell youths out there?

Lamentation 3:27 encourages us to bear the yoke in our Youth; Discover your purpose and pay all the price to fulfil it before it’s too late; Love Jesus, Serve Jesus while you are still young because your strength is when you are young.

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After all, is said and done, what does Barnabas Haruna want to be known for?

He loved Jesus and pursued his purpose on earth. He was the closest Jesus people could find. That he pointed men to Jesus with his everything.

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