Success Principles.

Fear hugged him so tight, and made the water lying between his interlocked hands leap for air and rest outside the embrace of his skin.

His pulse began crawling instead of racing as life unfolds his destiny at a young age. He outgrew teenage 60 days back. And at that age, he was left with a log of decision to chisel and birth a sculpture of who he is to become; accepting the mountain-weight crown of responsibilities or giving up his birthright. 

Adna knew he would someday have the kingdom grace his embrace as their ruler but not at an age he was berely finding himself. 

Cloud of “what ifs” hovered his lips as he took ride to the memories of his father’s counsel.

6 years, 5 months, 3days gone, he rules his subjects with dignity and wisdom.
He earned great wealth and honour for himself. 

“King Zik, was a successful and wise ruler. Adna is no wonder a greater one too.”

One of the machant who came to pay homage to Adna commented. 

“Oh my friend! You are right. King Adna has been ruling his subjects like his father. He has followed his blueprint. He strengthened himself and earned respect and honour. Long live the young king.”

Another machant replied. 

Whatever you desire to be successful at, has a principle that govern it transition. If you want to successfully build a house, there are principles you need to follow in to avoid building a substandard house. 

The importance of principles stems from the need to attain success. The young king had a decision to make, which was to determine what he becomes. Even though  he could have become the king and rule his subject as he pleases, he was intentional about building good reputation for himself. Hence, he did what his father did. When success becomes a necessity, the need to discover, obey and apply the laws that govern it becomes a necessity as well. 

What are Principles?

Principles are eternal laws established to guide men and give the much needed result. Principles can be in variety of forms. It can be a directive, written statutes or blueprint. 

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King Adna was said to had followed the blueprint of his father. Thus his wealth and honour. When you seek for success in a specific area of your life, the easiest way to attain it is by discovering and doing what those that had attained success at such sphere, did. If principle were to be a man,  he will tell you; “you want to be a successful content marketer, right? Look at Mr. A. do what he has been doing to become the pro he is today, in Content Marketing.”

Effects Of Principles 

Following the right principles breeds some benefits that makes success easily attainable. Let’s explore these effects below.

1. The Right Principles Protect You.

The statute that is observed globally is the use of face mask especially in crowded environment. This was implemented to protect lives from the covid19 pandemic. If you breach this law,  you are putting yourself at risk of contracting the virus. This is exactly how principles protect you from derailing from the right path that leads to your success. It protects you from the darts of the enemy of your potentials. When you hold on to the right principles, you won’t need to nurture fears of what lies ahead because the principles shield you from the consequences of not doing what needs to be done. 

2. Principles Gives You Focus/ Guides You.

Do you ever need to worry because you are ignorant of the route to your apartment when you are heading home from the grocery store?  It will be absurd to say you are worried because you are very conversant with the route to your home and you know exactly where it is positioned. But if you recall the first time the real estate agent was describing the route to the house before purchasing it, you got a little bit confused because you were not conversant with the environment. That’s how principles work.  When you follow the right principles to be Successful in business, you become guided on what is necessary and what’s important for you to do in order to attain success. You are not easily prone to wasting resources because you know what resources to utilize. You won’t easily accept opinions because you know some opinions don’t work in such sphere. Principles feeds you with counsel. 

A man who is focus easily attract success and that’s what principles helps you do. 

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3. Principles Saves You Unnecessary Mistakes.

It’s easier to make mistakes when you don’t know the principles to attaining effectiveness and excellence at a thing. Principles gets you off making costly mistakes that can ruin your potentials. Imagine you just graduated from the medical school and as a new intern, you had no practical knowledge of carrying out a certain surgical procedure. Imagine you don’t also have the adequate theoretical knowledge of such procedure. It’s no doubt that you might make a costly mistake that you can be sued for. This is the consequence of ignorance of the principles of paforming that surgical procedure. In q nutshell, principles saves you errors. 

4. Principles Disciplines You. 

You desire to heighten your listening skills but often, you reflexively interrupt people you are conversing with. In order to augment your listening skills, you will need to know and adopt the principles of listening. These principles will aid you discover how to discipline such reflexive habit.  This goes for any skill or goal you want to attain in life.  

Having known these four effects of principles, adopt these seven affirmations to help become more intentional about discovering and adopting the right principles for success.

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