The Clarion Call by Joshua Sule

A Review of the Book

To establish a stronger understanding, the author, Joshua Sule glimpses at the origins of the Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF) and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

There are analogies from the experience of the author given in order to convey better the focus message to the target audience. Using one’s experience to stir up the required spirits in people is most often a perfect method for capturing the minds of the target audience and bringing out a desired change in them.

The NYSC scheme is of course a scheme aimed at having youths who have passed through high institutions serve their fatherland in whichever way the circumstance presents itself. The author is able to give plausible reasons why manipulation or influencing a process before or during service to the fatherland just to earn comfort is not necessary, as the main idea of the scheme would be displaced. Thus, linking this call to service to the fatherland to the works of God, the author employs the use of scriptural commands from the holy book that guides the Christian faith so as to encourage adherence to the main idea of the NYSC scheme.

The author gives instances of past stories from the holy book about people who were called by a higher authority to serve, pinpointing the ones to copy from and the ones to learn lessons from, still, just to encourage youths to not displace the idea of this scheme. It’s indeed another strong method of inducing understanding into people, especially those who believe in the one true God.

There is an acceptable point of view where the author points out undesirable events of the NYSC scheme not only on the part of the serving corps members but also on the part of this national body in question. He makes the audience understand that desiring to go to a different place for comfort cannot always be for manipulative reasons, but also for good causes, which the organization should considerably look into.

Few areas in this text like chapter five, would quite have the attention of the audience and get a whole lot lingering in their minds as the author poses some questions.

Chapters six and seven quite prove that not being in a geographical location where one desires could still be a pathway to success as the author lists out factors that should be adopted by serving corps members.

There are categories of people of different or no faith, who would hardly find the scriptural analogies teachable.

 Notwithstanding, this book held my interest as they were hardly dull parts to come across. I would recommend it to every prospective corps member, serving corps member, and even past corps member so as to strengthen their exemplary self in being role models to others. Parents and other learned people should also read this to help shape their children’s path.

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Accolades by Others

“The clarion call is a scintillating piece that is centred on God and the experiences of the author with respect to his service year. It is an eye-opener for all prospective and existing corps members. The author starts off by giving a brief insight into his transition from undergraduate life to obeying the clarion call. He attempts and succeeds at drawing the reader’s attention to the place of knowledge and vision in pursuit of success during the service year. Coupled with biblical references to men who had succeeded at service, the author shares his experiences and routine in the most humbling and simplified manner making the book not only relatable but easily understood. With powerful citations, the author has been able to share vast knowledge with the reader. I do not think I would be biased if I say that THE CLARION CALL is a must-read for every corps member who intends to make a positive mark during their sojourn in the NYSC.”

UWADIAE, Osayameh Jane (2021 Corps member)

PPA: General Hospital Omuo, Ekiti State

“The campus and the service year are two major seasons orchestrated by God to make men. Nevertheless, if care is not taken the devil can hijack and pervert God’s intention. 

The clarion call is carefully written in precise and concise language with real-life examples with the sole aim of helping the reader to fully maximize his/her service year; starting from the orientation camp.

This book when read thoughtfully and diligently applied has the capacity to reposition the reader to live a purposeful life during and after the service year.

I therefore strongly recommend this book to all serving and prospective corps members as this book will provide them with a guide and blueprint to operate with before, during and after the service year.”


State General Secretary

Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship [NCCF]

Ekiti State Chapter, 2021/2022

“Are you a youth corps member or perhaps an inspiring one? Have you ever wondered how to scale through your service year with so much purpose? Joshua Sule has taken the service world by storm with his book, The Clarion Call’. The first mistake I made was not reading it earlier, the second mistake I would make is not telling you about it. How Joshua captured vital life lessons that transcend NYSC and even the ‘what next?’ stage needs to be studied. This book is mind-blowing, captivating and most importantly life transforming. 

I highly re commend this book for very youth out there who are planning to serve their Fatherland or who are done with service and are stuck in one area of their life. The clarion call is the answer you need. Trust me!”

NWADIBIE Goodness (2020 Corps member)

 PPA: Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa

Nasarawa state

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