The Journey With Emmanuel Olatunji (The Exceptional Being)

Hello, everyone. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to our first episode on “The Journey With… “ which is a routine interview session where we interview and learn from the success journeys of achievers all over the world, whose story will inspire you in every sphere of life (professionally, academically,  relationship wise,  skill and talent wise, spiritually, etc) as they share their individual stories with us.

Today’s episode, being the first, is:

“The Journey With The Exceptional Being (Emmanuel Olatunji)”

√Can we know who is Mr.  Emmanuel Olatunji, please?

I am Emmanuel Olatunji, popularly known as EGA, the exceptional being. I’m a writer, public speaker, life coach and an international publisher. I’m the CEO of Tebeba Global Publishing Ltd.

√ That’s great I must confess. So what events shaped your decision to be a writer and how did you go about it, to become the distinguished writer you are today?

I cannot talk about the genesis of my writing career without mentioning God in it. He was actually the one who told me to start writing. When I thought I had no skills and I felt there was nothing good in me, God saw in me a great writer and asked me to start writing. It was a difficult decision at first but I obeyed. And that was how I started writing.

√ Wow! Indeed it pays to yield to God’s Instructions. Sir, how can you personally define success and what are your success habits?

My definition of success is simply living a life of purpose. When you live your life in accordance with God’s purpose for you, then you are a successful person. That’s my personal definition for success. And as regards my success habits, well that’s quite simple. I read and meditate a lot. I pray and I am a ruthless executor. When I desire to do something, I don’t rest until I see it done.

√ That’s indeed an exceptional definition of success, sir. Now who would you say has influenced you the most, in the field of writing?

Mr. Anani Sunday, Mute Efe, John Obidi, Lt. Myles Munroe and recently Paulo Coelho.

√Great! So what can you say, is the biggest factor that has helped you to be a successful writer and do you think this factor can be applied in other fields aside writing?

 Consistency. That is the biggest factor. As a writer, you just need to be consistent. This factor can also be applied in other aspects of life. Consistency is actually a determinant of success irrespective of fields.

√”Consistency!” Thanks for that,  sir. What are some of the mistakes you made along the way, in your journey as a writer?

When I started writing, I didn’t put my best into it. I didn’t care about the correctness of my sentence. All I cared about was just to write and publish. I didn’t bother about my grammar and whether I was passing my message across in the right way possible. That was my biggest mistake. But I am glad that at a point in my journey, with the help of God, I got serious and I started improving myself.

√Great! How many books have you authored, the titles and how can we get them?

I’ve authored several books. But the one I am currently promoting is the “Millionaire Writer’s Briefcase.” It’s a combination of six books in one. All these books solve a particular problem in the writing industry. This is the best product you can get if you are a writer, author, publisher, editor or someone who wishes to be any of these. To get yourself a copy, just head on to
Afterwards, send a WhatsApp message to 08186808323.

√All right. Sir, what is one piece of conventional advice that you disagree with most strongly?

That will be writer’s block. I don’t believe in it. In fact, to me it’s a myth. I believe it’s a mind thing. There is nothing that can actually block a writer from writing except the writer blocks himself so to say. This is why instead of writer’s block, I believe in self block. Writer’s block makes you feel you are not in control, but self block makes you feel you are responsible.

√Wow!  So how do you push through your worst times?

I am a Christian and I have a relationship with God. My greatest ally is God. He just knows how to push me ahead in my worse moments. He knows the right words to say to me to calm me and make me feel peace even in my most difficult moment. I cannot express my gratitude enough to this loving God. He is my succour in times of distress and my help in times of need.

√He sure is. What was the hardest decision you ever had to make to reach this feat?

Deciding to go into writing full time without knowing how to start. That was the hardest decision I had to make. But when I look back today, I’d say it was worth it.

√ It sure was. Sir, as a married man, how has your marriage influenced your writing journey?

A lot. I married a woman who is also a writer and an editor. So this makes it very valuable for me. My marriage has contributed immensely to my writing journey. I’m grateful to God for marrying such an amazing wife. Shindara Olatunji, you are just the best.

√This is awesome! So what’s your advise to the singles on marriage,  in regards to their productivity and success in life?

Hmmm. This is a very sensitive question. I’m always very careful to answer questions like this. However, if I’d give an advice, that would be to make adequate preparation before delving into marriage. There is a saying that says, Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. If you want to perform well, then prepare well. So my advice to the unmarried is to prepare well before they delve into it.

√Thanks for that,  sir. Now, what is the best advice you can give to every writer and anyone who desires to be successful at what they do?

Discover your “why” for writing and pursue it mercilessly.

Great!  So if you are to give everyone collectively, one advice on change, what’s that one change  would you advise individuals to make right now, to help them get closer to their success?

Be the best version of yourself always!

Awesome!  Now,  we will like to know some things you enjoy most, aside writing; your  favourites:


Of course, RICE!


Reading, praying, and of course, watching Korean Movies.

••Place of relaxation

My room


korean movies.


Any inspirational song.

Of course, WHITE!

√What are the various handles you can be reached through?

 Twitter: @Iam_Ega1
Instagram: @Iam_Ega1

√Sir do you have any recent publication?

Yes, there is a huge bonus for everyone who purchase the millionaire briefcase.

Thank you so much, sir for your time and for sharing your exceptional story. God bless you.

Wow!  It has been an insightful and incredible journey with The Exceptional being.  You will agree with me that he is truly exceptional.

This marks the end of this episode of, “The Journey With… I trust you have been inspired to “Be The Best Version Of Yourself.” as our guest has selflessly encouraged us.

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