The Journey With The C.E.O of Incense Multimedia

Every episode of “The Journey With…” is a ride to exciting, insightful and amazing discovery. Today, we are hosting an incredible, passionate and creative Music Minister and Producer, as well as a Graphics Designer. A great and amazing personality changing the world through music. Benjamin Jr. Benjamin popularly known as Benstrings, will lead us through today’s journey. Get ready to learn lots of amazing facts about himself and music. 

Please tell us who is Benjamin Jr. Benjamin?
Benjamin Benjamin Junior is a Music Producer and Gospel Music Minister. He is a graduate of Federal College of Education Kontagora, Niger State, where he studied computer science/integrated science. He is a lover of God and good music.
This is beautiful. So tell how you met Music?
I started music from a very tender age. I grew up doing music via platforms given to me right from my children class in my church.
Wow!  Interesting. What inspired you to go in to music production?

My passion for music made me go into music production itself. Theres a sound in me which I desire the world to hear.

I love that. It’s no doubt the world is being blessed by the utterance in the waves of that sound. How has music influenced your life?
Music has influenced me in diverse ways. It has made me learnt so many things even outside music, my association and interaction with people, has taken me to places where on a normal ground I wouldnt have been and so much more.
Awesome! So what can you say, is the biggest factor that has helped you become successful at music?
My determination and consistency towards achieving success has helped me a lot.
Beautiful. Those two factors are indispensable to success. Talk about your biggest failure. What did you learn from it as a musician?
My Biggest failure was when I taught I could do it on my own without Gods help. But It made me know deeply that all things God created are for his pleasure. I have no power on my own.

Great insight. What inspires the songs you write?
The Holyspirit.

No doubt about that. Your songs speak for itself. Have you collaborated with any musician before and who would you love to collaborate with, in the future?
Yes. I’ve collaborated with musicians within my circle. I’ll love to collaborate with Travis Greene, Tasha Cobbs and Jacarlyn Carr. Some people will say; “that dream is too big”. But no dream is too big to achieve. We just have to work towards it.
Awesome! Indeed no dream is too big to achieve. Is there a hidden meaning in any of your songs?

How many songs have you released; the titles and how can we access them?

I’ve quite a number of songs. Access them through the link below:

 Tell us about  “Incense Multimedia.”
Incense Multimedia as the name implies is a multimedia company which only 2 division has been unveiled. Which are the Incense Music Studio and Incense Graphic. More divisions to be unveiled as time goes on.

That’s amazing. So recently you released a song titled, “A New Song.” Personally the song was on loop for about 5 hours on my mediaplayer, from the time I listened to it first, because of the utterance of the song. Tell us about the song.
The song is a heart cry of someone who wants to birth out song that will cause revival in our time. This should be the heart cry of every music minister in a time like this.
Really amazing. What inspired the song?

As music ministers the songs we sing should transform our lives first so that it can speak life to the dead. 
Few words but powerful indeed.  What have been the testimonies from fans concerning the song? 
This song has birthed a lot of testimonies starting from myself down to the listeners. It has birthed life changing songs, made music minister yearn for A NEW SONG
That’s really great. What does a typical day look like for you in a week? 
Most days, I’m always busy in the Studio trying to generate NEW SOUNDS.

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?
To change how people treat young and upcoming music ministers. 
Interesting. What is your advice to upcoming musicians? 

I’m still running the race also; all we have to do is to be determined, focused and consistent. Above all, put God first.
Beautiful. If you are to give everyone collectively, one advice on change, whats that one change  would you advise individuals to make right now?
Pursue your God given talent. These days it will put more food on your table than white colar jobs.
Wise words, sir. Thank you so much,  Sir for honouring this interview and sharing your views. God bless you
Amen, Thank you for having me!

Do you want to connect with Benjamin Jr. Benjamin? Reach him through his handles across the social media platforms below. 
FACEBOOK: @benjrStrings
INSTAGRAM: @benjr_official
TWITTER: @benjr_official
To book a session with Incense Music Studio contact: or call +234 (0)8085003418

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