The Journey With The Personal Development Coach; Karimot Isiaka

Karimot Isiaka, is one of the most amazing and creative minds in Nigeria. 
On this episode of “The Journey With…” she will take lead. 
Today we will get to know her, her journey and philosophies.

• Who is Karimot Isiaka please?

Karimot Isiaka is a lady with many hats. In no particular order, I’m a sister , a daughter, an aunt, a mentee, a mentor, a teacher, a listeners and more. I’m a product of many life experiences. Karimot Isiaka is an inspiration by design. She’s a lady that finds joy in encouraging others to keep going no matter what life throws at them. She loves to encourage people . 
I am a writer, an author and a personal development coach. I am a Muslim, I’m from kwara state, Nigeria. I’m the third of five children. I studied Law in National open university of Nigeria. I currently work as an operations coordinator in a media firm Liambuzz limited and at Wivesroundtable Foundation. I love music a lot. I also love food (smiles). 

• Wow! Awesome! I must confess Karimot Isiaka is truly phenomenal. So what events shaped your decision to be a writer and a personal development coach and how did you go about it?

Now we have to go down memory lane. I never thought I would have been known as a writer by now. However, I’m a lady with a busy mind and I find myself writing down things that cross my mind. I would really say social media helped me to start writing. I had randomly stated sharing a childhood story of mine and some people reached out to me and commended my writing skill. I never knew I could write well until then. To be honest, I started enjoying writing, especially about things that could inspire someone. Another thing that shaped my decision to be a writer is the feedback I get from people when I write. I have met people who read my book and ask me when my next book is coming out. In my mind,  I would just be like, it’s not that easy to write a book. 

Reading books from brilliant authors and write ups of some people on social media also inspired me to start writing too. I never planned to become a coach or do anything personal development related. All this started from my desire to become a better person. I saw that I needed to really work on myself work on my self-confidence, my  personality and who I am in general. In the process of working on myself, I realized that it kind of reflected on the outside. In the process of learning I realized there is so much I could also share with people. So, sometimes I would volunteer to speak at an event, I would volunteer to teach for free and before I knew it people were recommending me or sending me request to teach , coach or speak. Sometimes, I wonder where all that were coming from. But you know they say that, if you want to know what you are good at,  ask yourself;  what  do people come to me for? To be honest, people really came to me when they need someone to motivate them. My journey into coaching on personal development started from knowing that I needed to work on myself 

• Amazing! “All this started from my desire to become a better person.” This statement sounds light but from your testimony, it is one of the most intentional step to greatness. Ma’am, can you personally define success and what is your #1 success habit?

I think success is passing on a good baton, breaking a bad cycle. Success is helping someone else to cross. Success is helping someone believe in himself or herself after that person has lost faith in his ability to do great things. Success is the impart that you make in the life of another person. My number one success habit is prayer. After prayer, every other thing comes, but prayer is the foundation of my success. 

This is truly unique ma’am. Which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why?

Wow . A lot of people have influenced my life positively and definitely a lot of books. People that have most influenced on my growth are my parents, Mr & Mrs. Isiaka. They have invested a lot in my life. I can’t even begin to list the amount of investment they made in my life. So, yes my parents. Remi Owadokun is another person who made me believe that I can when she mentored me for a period of time, and that mentorship program pushed me to do things that I wouldn’t have done because I thought was too young. Big thanks to her , she is someone I will never forget. Steve Harvey is another person that I love to listen to, I find his story inspiring.
 Another woman that gave me the opportunity to express what I have inside of me is a woman I met during my last year as a teenager. When I needed a role model to be close to she was the one God sent my way. The first time I got on TV it was through her, the first time I ever spoke on radio it was on her show ‘Teens time with Chichi’ The first time I did public speaking it was through her. She gave me a lot of opportunities that really impacted or influenced how much I have grown today. The list is long. But I’m thankful to everyone who has being a blessing to me. 

The first Book that has had the most impact In my life is the Holy Qur’an. I love how connected to my creator I feel every time I read it.

‘Learned optimism’ by Martin Seligman.
‘ Become a better you’  by Joel Osteen.
 ‘Soulful whispers’ by Mrs. Tope fajingbesi Balogun. 
Cupcakes for the soul by Bankole Williams. There are a lot of them. 

• This is beautiful. What can you say, is the biggest factor that has helped you to be successful at what you do and do you think this factor can be applied in other fields?

I’m not half way as successful as I desire to be yet. However, I have recorded some level of success and I think the biggest factor is trusting God and praying to Him. God is the foundation of everything that I am and would ever be.  Also consistency and result. For instance, I have not been so much on social media sharing my works. But people who have come across my work in the past still invite me to speak, train, or recommend to coach someone. Some requests came in this year that I couldn’t even handle because of the works I have at hand. 
I believe  that, if you are consistent at creating value and helping people get the results that they want in whatever you do then you would record some level of success. 

• Amazing! Talk about the biggest failure you’ve had. What did you learn from it?

That will be starting two businesses at different times in my life and giving up too quickly on them. Me not believing in myself enough to succeed at those businesses was a pointer to something I needed to work on. After this businesses packed up , I began to see the potentials and how far they could have grown if I persisted. I gave up too easily on those businesses because I didn’t believe in myself enough and I had a lot of self doubt at the time. That taught me to  believe in myself . It taught me the importance of pushing through, being patient, reaching out to people  when you need help, being dogged and going after what you want . I learnt that,  instead of allowing myself to be discouraged about the things that I don’t want that are happening, I should be encouraged about the things I want that could happen.

• So how many books have you authored, the titles and how can we access them? 

I have authored two books: the first one is ‘be more than a potential’. The second one is ‘confidence within’. You can get both on Amazon. You can also send an email to to order. 

• Beautiful! What is one piece of conventional advice that you disagree with most strongly?

It’s not an advice like that, but i disagree with the way we make one thing look like everything. We tend to make things look like,  If it’s not this way then there is no other way. One advise may not work for everybody.

• Indeed! Very true ma’am. As a lady, how can you rate the support of the African society in the growth and success of women?

I think African society is becoming more aware of the importance of women empowerment and participation in key areas of national development but we are still far behind. However, we are not where we used to be. There are a lot of women centric organizations that are promoting the growth and success of women in Africa. We need to do more in this aspect in Africa.  

• What was the hardest decision you ever had to make to reach this feat? 

I think it will be putting myself hard out there. Sharing my message in spite of fear and doubts when I started. 

• Wow! So briefly, what can you say are the basic steps to personal development, for anyone who desires to be the best version of himself/herself?

I believe self-awareness is very key. Know thyself and be true to thyself. I don’t think there are any basic steps but I would suggest some that I believe would help anyone. Decide what you want to be known for. If you don’t know, keep exploring. Keep trying your hands on different things. One day you will find your treasure. Read great books, read the stories of people who came from nowhere and now, are somewhere today. Not just anywhere but somewhere that the world admires. Don’t compare yourself to anybody. Putting your best every time you get an opportunity to perform whether on stage or behind the scenes. Keep trusting God; He didn’t bring you this far to let you down. 

• Wonderful! That’s great, Ma’am. What does a typical day in your week look like? And how do you manage your time, being a lady having other responsibilities such as academics, home chores etc?

A typical day in my week … I pray in the morning, respond to messages on my phone, tidy up the house if I’m not in a rush,  go to work,  get back home, read, follow up with some of my coaching clients. Sometimes, I have a coaching session before calling it a day. Sometimes, things don’t  go in this order . Some days I just eat sleep and watch inspiring videos on YouTube or something fun online.

• That’s very interesting. What is the best advice you can give to anyone who desires to be successful at what they do? 

Take it one step at a time. Put in your all. Study hard and work hard. Reach out to people when you need help. Be good at what you do, keep learning and updating your knowledge. Look out for opportunities in your chosen field. Don’t be the last to know, be among the first persons to hear about these opportunities so that you can key into them on time. 

• “Take it one step at a time.” That really got me.  If you are to give everyone collectively, one advice on change, what’s that one change  would you advise individuals to make right now, to help them get closer to their success?

Okay. I will tell everyone to change anything that they do that sabotage their growth and replace it with something they can do that would move them closer to their goals or progress in life.

• What will you love to tell every lady out there, on becoming successful at what they do?

Don’t limit yourself. Don’t think marriage is an escape route to avoiding poverty. Your gender is not your problem it is also not the solution. Being female does not mean things will be given to you on a platter of gold work and work for what you desire and you will get it as long as you work for it. Also never be afraid to ask for what you deserve because if you don’t talk people who can give you what you deserve may think you are comfortable getting less than you deserve. 

• Awesome! What can you tell ladies out there, who have given up on living their dreams because of challenges such as lack of support from immediate society; family and other personal challenges?

I have gone through a lot of challenges myself. I would say to us ladies to keep looking at the bigger picture. Because we have no choice but to keep winning and showing our challenges that we are stronger and determined to make it through. 

• What are your  favourites:


 I like rice and fish stew.  I love to drink garri, I love to eat freshly baked bread . Potatoes and plantain chips are my favorites too.  In addition, water is my best drink. After water, I love to drink Superyogo (lol).


I love listening to music. I love teaching. I love to dance when I’m alone in the house and I love reading.

~Place of relaxation

My bedroom. 

~Movie/song/ TV station 

I don’t really watch movies. But I am loving this series called  ‘Phases’  on Ndani TV. I love to listen to songs from Maher Zain, Ric Hassani, Tems, Johny Drille , Nonso Amadi…  YouTube is my TV. 

• What are the various handles you can be reached through?

@karimot_isiaka on IG and Twitter

To work with Miss Karimot Isiaka or invite her to either train or speak at your event, send an email  to . 

Thank you so much, Ma’am for your time and for sharing your story and these great insight with the world. 

You’re welcome. Thank you for the 


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  1. I see you attaining this same height in no distant time, because I can see the same quality ( consistency) that got her to where she is today in you. Even when people don't celebrate people like you in this part of the world as they do to the Davido's and Wizkids of this world, You are still pushing. May those God will use to announce you to the world locate you. Just as she locate the woman who gave her the platform. I celebrate you.

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