The Journey With The Spoken Word Poet, Joshua Sule.

Today on “The Journey With…” we are hosting a Nigerian based writer and spoken word poet. One of his articles was published on this blog, YOU ARE NOT BARREN, YOU’RE SPECIAL: Why You Shouldn’t Beat Yourself up Because You Haven’t Conceived Yet

Let’s get to know who he is…

Who is Joshua  Sule?

Joshua Sule hails from Minna,  Niger state,  Shiroro Local government area, Nigeria. A Chemical engineer from the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Minna. He is the author of the book,  “The Chronicles of McBingo” and has written quite a good number of articles published on blogs and magazines. One would easily think of him to be gentle and likely to be frightened with mic on stage but those who do have severally been disappointed (laughs). His lyrical, wordplays, aptly fitted words as well as his breathtaking minsitration provokes one’s spirit and leaves you wanting for more. He’s fun to be with and a kind that leaves you with a ‘second thought’ at first meeting.

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 An amazing personality I must say. How did you meet poetry? 

On waiting. Sometime few years back. I was actually waiting for admission into the university. I have always felt there’s something in me that I was yet to figure out. It was in those years of waiting that my flair for writing was ignited. I began to find writer-friends around and online. I had a couple of writers on Facebook and most of them had a touch of poetry and other genre. I remember being blocked on Facebook then by a writer who I just told I wanted him to coach me. I couldn’t explain why he did what he did but I was heartbroken. However, with time, I got friendly with the right ones. I loved their art especially their uniqueness and I got piqued—that’s the beginning of my hunt.  I also tasted  page poetry for a while until  I stumbled into Passion for Christ movement , P4CM Poets (spoken word poets) , and since then the light has been shinning brighter and brighter. 

Wow! A strong passion you’ve got. I must say. So what inspires your spoken word poetry?

The mandate to preach the gospel of Hope, Faith and Love to everyone.

Impressive! If I may ask, how has spoken word poetry influenced your life?

Spoken Word poetry  has given me a voice. I have been able to reach people, far and near with the message of Christ. I have made couple of friends too. It’s also influence my manner of speech and personality. Yea, a friend told me that you know. I see things with the third eye. (If you understand what I mean) 

 That’s great. What can you say, is the biggest factor that has helped you become successful at spoken word poetry?

Well. I’ll say, God. Yes,  to be honest.  He has made me to be original. I have had times where  I wanted to write exactly as some people did, and also perform like some of my favoritte spoken word poets. But you see,  just as our DNA are different,  so are we. How far one goes in life is contingent on  how well one appreciates and sell his own brand. Just to say,  I don’t write poems because I feel like, I write poems when God moves me to write. Yeah, I  am a spiritual poet… More so,  I follow succesful poets a lot both online and offline. Yeah. I learn,  unlearn, and relearn my art.

Really interesting. Talk about your biggest failure. What did you learn from it as a poet?

Well, I don’t know which one to call the biggest failure yet cos we are still on the journey and still trying out stuffs you know. But you see,  failures are opportunities to do better. I mean, when you experience the biggest failure, you should expect the biggest success. You don’t quite. 

How many books have you authored and how many spoken words have you produced; the titles and how can we access them? 

I have a book, “The chronicles of McBingo,” published last year.

Also, I have two spoken word audios, titled “WHAT IF”
What If and “PORNFESSION” Pornfession

So recently you released a spoken word poem titled “Pornfession.” And stories has it that it’s trending with more than 10,000 downloads on the first day of it release. Tell us about the poem? 

Pornfession is a spoken word piece I ministered in a program, UNDEFILED organised by MDML in Minna. I was trusting God for what to talk about for months and few days to the program,  the message came. It was a powerful ministration that followed with testimonies. The punchline, MY SINCARD IS BLOCKED was everywhere that T-shirts were printed with it. I was moved to have it recorded this year and as I am talking to you now,  we are hitting close to 20, 000 downloads already and great testimonies are coming. 

Wow! That’s really awesome. Tell us what inspired the piece?

Following when it was written at first,  I’ll say it was the Holy Spirit. I thought of many theme to write on but  talking on pornography was impressed so deeply in my heart for that program. I guess God saw ahead of me. Sometime, we may want to talk about what we feel or even to entertain the audience and make them feel good. We wouldn’t want to adresss matters that’s eating people up, you know. but that doesn’t move God. I have learnt to yield to his voice over the years and the results have been great. I write on what He says I should write on and I’m amazed on how He takes over the pen. (hope you understand) 

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 Interesting! What has been the testimonies so far? 

Well,  I must say the flood of testimonies accompanying the release of PORNFESSION is overwhelming. I have recieved screenshots, messages and calls attesting to the reality of the message and some have shared how God had delivered them from the bondage of porn,  masturbation and the likes. Most outstandingly, some have said it has been a burden on them to address such matters and the piece has motivated them into action too. 

Awesome! What advice will you give an individual who is battling with pornography? 

I know there are scientific answers to this but the truth is Pornography is an idol. You heard me. Whatever takes over your time  controls you. And whatever you give more time to than God becomes a god in your life. Porn is demonic. It is a bad spirit. It possess. It wastes your time that you’re suppose to invest in something fruitful. Any addict of pornography must DECIDE TO STOP NOW. MIND YOU,  YOU CAN’T HELP YOURSELF. That is why you keep going back to your vomit. YOU NEED GOD TO HELP YOU. JESUS DID A FINISH WORK ON THE CROSS,  YOU CAN COMFESS WITH YOUR MOUTH AND GET SAVE. WE MUST HATE SIN BECAUSE GOD HATES IT. THIS IS THE TIME TO STOP WATCHING PORN.

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 If you are to give everyone collectively, one advice on change, what’s that one change you would advise individuals to make right now?

To accept Jesus in their lives..
Many may wonder but I know what I am saying. Only Jesus can change a man.

What are the various handles you can be reached through?

Facebook: Sule T Joshua
Instagram : @stjosh1 
Twitter:  @StJosh1
WhatsApp: +2348163744592

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Thanks,  so much,  sir. It’s been an insightful journey with you indeed.

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