The Power of Human Empathy; “Clothe A Woman” Initiative By The Wivesroundtable Foundation

“What are you doing for others?”

That is life most persistent and urgent question, according to Martin Luther King Jr. 

It was not just an eventful moment for these woman but one of joy and fulfilment knowing that they are loved. This became possible because the power of Human empathy, housed in love, brought CLAW to realization.

The Wivesroundtable Foundation, in celebrating Love,  birth an initiative to clothe Women; “Clothe A woman” (CLAW).

The initiative was birth to have indigent women shop for clothes for absolutely free. 

The foundation called out people to donate female wears, which quite a lot of people donated lovely clothes for women and children.

The women of  Surulere Local Council Development Area of Lagos State, Nigeria were pleased to experience this overwhelming show of love on the 15th of  February, 2020.

The Wivesroundtable foundation has the vision of empowering indigent women economically, psychologically, physically and mentally.

This foundation focuses on indigent women but are biased towards mothers.

For more info about this noble foundation, reach them on Instagram via

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