The Power of Making Little/Insignificant Effort; Learn It From This Episode Of Jenifa’s Diary

He sat thinking of what step to take. “I am going to submit my resignation latter by month end. No! Wait! Maybe I shouldn’t rush to resign that soon. Let me wait two months longer since the company is planning to hold it annual training next month. It will be a plus to my knowledge in poultry. And maybe I might win the staff competition worth #600, 000” 

He took a deep breathe and nodded in affirmation. 

“But what will I be doing for now that will help me in setting up my poultry?” 

Variety of thoughts welled up. He proceeded to lock his gate and take his usual evening walk down his street. “I will use this opportunity to check for land that will be suitable for fish farming and poultry. I will also, ask James to teach me how to change water in fish pond and other necessary skill on fish farming. Bu…but are all these things necessary now? I don’t even have plans to start fish farming in the next 12 months. Anyways, I never can tell what the next 3 months hold.” 

He thought to himself,  making gestures with his body in affirmation.

Ben works as sales Manager at a very large and successful farm. He has been working for 4 years there. He decided to resign and start his own farm. He intend start it at home. since his house has enough space to accommodate poultry. He has had the mindset of being a CEO since his father was sacked from his office after working diligently for the company for 15years, over a conspiracy which was later realised that his father was not guilty of all the charges labeled against him. 

After two months,  Ben submitted his latter of resignation. He was persuaded to stay back with a promised increase in his salary but he refused the offer because he was one of the best staff the company has. The general manager appreciated his commitment to the company with a large token.

Ben started his poultry and surprisingly, the token given to him, along with the money he saved, was enough to start a poultry and a fish farm. He employed two people. In six months, Ben was already making a fortune. For that, he needed to get a land. Without hesitation. Thankful to his initiative to search for a land that will be good for fish farming and poultry months back.  He horridly contacted the land agent. Luckily for him, someone wanted coming to survey the land the coming week but because he once showed interest in the land and due to the cordial relationship he has developed with him, he was given the land. 

As individuals, we tend to ignore little or insignificant efforts in making achievements. At the beginning of Ben’s story, one will say “Ben is so unprofessional or lacks planning skills for going to search for a land that he doesn’t plan on buying in the next one year.” It sounds true but isn’t. Ben knew someday he will need a land to expand his farm. Going around to search for an environment that won’t be a threat to his production was a wise decision though it looked VERY INSIGNIFICANT at that time.  But in 8 months, it appears that decision was one of the most significant. What about learning fish farming skills from James? It was insignificant because all he wanted to start with at first, was poultry.  But his capital was enough to fund for the both. Learning the basics of fish farming wasn’t insignificant. Was it? I am sure Ben engaged in more research on that as well. 

A number of individuals are guilty of only waiting to make big efforts rather than making little efforts, first. Let’s look at it this way: When you want to avoid going late to an occasion that starts at 8am. What do you do? A lot of us will just get the clothes and accessories ready for the day and do the chores you were supposed to do the next morning, at night. Good. But how many people will think of doing those chores earlier in the evening than doing it late at night, which can make you sleep beyond the required time as a result of exhaustion? Or call to know if the program is still holding or the time or venue was changed, lest the notice couldn’t get to you? Those things might not matter because at such time, it was insignificant until a situation surfaced that doing such would have saved the situation. 

LITTLE/INSIGNIFICANT EFFORT make big difference. If you intend saving money when you start earning big, how are you curbing your spending habit now that you are earning little?

If you intend starting a charity organization in the future, can you sacrifice your time, energy, treasure and talent now to help the person next to you?

If you intend managing a multi million dollars company in the future, how well are you managing the little responsibility you are given now?

If you intend marrying a responsible, high social standard, smart, spiritually balanced and financially stable spouse in the future, how well are you trying to have those attributes? 

“Seriously? Of what importance are these?” 
Oh dear, very important.
You see this things and more look very insignificant now until the future comes and you begin regretting not making those efforts. For every great achievement,  there is an insignificant effort that makes a difference. 

You are surprise why company S is doing better than company R? It is because the  ceo of S made an insignificant effort “to work on how he treats people around him,”  which reflects in how he treat his workers. And this is what makes his team stronger.

In the episode 3 of season 9, of a drama series titled, Jenifa’s Diary on SceneOneTv,  Biggie ascribed her inability to be neat to poverty. She believed if she was rich, she would have been a neat lady. If you watch that episode, you will agree with me that, knowing who Biggie is, even if she was the richest woman in the drama, She will still be dirty. This is a typical example of how not making insignificant effort can affect an individual’s mindset. 

In summary, make those insignificant efforts because they matter a lot in making achievements.

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