The Trick To Leaving A Great Legacy.

Brian and Denis have been friends since the age of 6. They both had dreams; great ones.  Brian had always wanted to be a zoologist because of his love for animals, while Denis had always wanted to be a botanist because of his love for plants.
At the age of 19, after high school, fortunately both got admitted into the same university, to study the course of their choice.

While at the varsity, they had the opportunity to attend life changing seminars meant to help them discover their purpose.
Brian took advantage of the opportunity and discovered himself using every available help at hand.  On the other side,  Denis saw this as a total waste of time. “I just want to graduate, get a good job, make money, get married, flaunt my wealth with my wife and kids,  retire as someday die.  I ain’t got time to waste on any other thing,” Denis had always said.

After graduation, Brian had already had hundreds of opportunity to speak to teenagers, helping them overcome depression. He was passionate about what he was doing. Even after getting a job,  he still had speaking engagements sometimes held in-house chat sessions with some group of teenagers. He had always attested, “A life of purpose is full of adventures.” On the other side, Denis got a job, was earning a lot. He got married and had kids. Denis had everything he wants, likewise Brian,  but he never had the thought of knowing the solution he was created to bring about in the world. Denis had great potentials but never explored it.

At the age of 70, Denis died, leaving behind his family and his wealth.  And at the age of 71 Brian died, leaving behind his family, his wealth and A LEGACY of reformed lives.

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.”

These were some of the words of Myles Munroe before he kissed life goodbye. These is a sad truth. However, enriching to one’s life, if willing to take the wheel and sail one’s boat intentionally like the way Brian did.

When an individual becomes intentional about his “WHY” (purpose) on earth, he begins to explore the beauty of his unqueness as an individual. Hence,  he appreciates himself, his talent, his potentials,  gifts, dreams and creativity. Alas,  a lot of individuals are ignorant of this like Denis,  in the above story. Discovering and actualizing purpose has become something a lot of people turn their backs on, feeling it is not important. They create a pattern for their lives, leaving a lot of stones unturned like Denis did.

A life without purpose is just like a life that lacks authenticity.
From the story, it was obvious Brian had a fulfilled life because his life was full of meaningful adventures; he changed lives and created solutions for a lot of teenagers that would have ended their lives because of depression; he made them see reasons to live.

What is  holding you back from discovering yourself?
What makes you feel discovering and fulfilling purpose is a total waste of time? 

It’s high time you take off the garment of those obstacles and become intentional about solving the problems you were created to solve before it will be too late.

Ask yourself what type of legacy you want to live behind, in the world.

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