Types Of Poems; How To Write ABC/Alphabet Poem.

ABC poem is also called Alphabet poem. Writing ABC poem is one of the simplest, yet requires creativity in writing it. In ABC poem, each line begins with a letter in the alphabet, starting with A down to Z. Literally, the poem has 26 lines, but can go beyond that, starting with “A” again if the poet has more ideas he wants to write on the topic. 

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There are two ways of writing Alphabet poem. The first is the “stanza format” where you divide the 26 latters into 5 stanzas. The second format is writing the poem in order, from A down to Z. 

In writing ABC poem, for the latter “X,” you can use words that begin with “EX” when you can’t find a suitable word that begin with “X” for the 24th line like the example below.

The example below is in the later format, as discussed above. 

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A Journey Of Faith

As it is in hea-v-en! I said with quivering heart
Blazing between my ribs
Cluttering thoughts flirting my mind
Doubts and fears rocking within my veins 
Ego of unbelief weighed down my words
Fire and ice was all I sensed
God! It’s hard!
Heart-ful waves of pain shot down my soul
Inviting scenes of past unanswered prayers
“Just a childlike faith” he whispered while
Knights of angry “what ifs” crowded me
Laying upon me crown of murky uncertainties a
Matchless moment of inheriting Adam’s fruit 
Nibbling my hopes for faith
Orgasm of impossibilities sealed my lips
“Peace be still!” A voice thundered
Quaking my body soul and spirit 
Ruffling the masterpiece of the knights as the pieces 
Slip through the air voila! I could feel my
Trembling self bracing stillness it’s 
Unimaginable! fire and gentleness overwhelmed me
Views of grace began uprising he said
“With me you are limitless” he
Exalted my bit of faith though childlike yet 
Youthful in strength with devine possibilities from the
Zenith where he resides.

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