Types Of Poems; How To Write Diamante Poem; Definition, Types and Examples.

What is Diamante poem? 

Diamante is an Italian word for “Diamond.” It is pronounced as DEE-UH-MAHN-TAY and also known  as Diamond poem. It is a poem comprising of 7 lines  arranged to form a shape like diamond. It must start and end with single words that form the first and seventh line. 

Diamante poem is often written in two ways. Either in differentiating two opposite nouns, with one taking the first line and the other taking the seventh line or in writing about a subject (noun) that is; the synonym form, which uses a similar or synonym of the noun to form the seventh line. 


Here is the general format for writing diamante poem:

Line 1: “Noun” that is, “the beginning subject.”

 Line 2: “Adjective-Adjective” that is, “two words describing Line 1.”

Line 3: “Verb-Verb-Verb” that is, ” three verbs that end with ‘ing’ describing Line 1.”

Line 4: “Noun-Noun-Noun-Noun” that is, ” First two noun (phrase) must be about line 1 while the last two, about line 7.”

Line 5: “Verb-Verb-Verb” that is, “three verbs that end with ‘ing’ describing Line 7.”

Line 6: “Adjective-Adjective” that is, “two words describing Line 7.”

Line 7: “Noun” that is,  “end subject.”


Example of Antonym Diamante Poem.

In writing this type of diamante poem, first think of two words (noun)  with opposing meaning. 

Here are examples of words:

  • Love and hate
  • Silence and noise
  • Sin and righteousness 
  • Fire and ice
  • Progress and stagnancy 
  • Success and failure 
  • Cold and heat 
  • Friend and enemy 
  • Slave and master
  • Cross and crown
  • Rose and thorn

Antonym Diamante poem: Life Cycle

Beautiful, promising
Giggling, struggling, shrinking
Choice, activities, silence, numb
Burying, decaying, fading
Extinct, cold

Example of Synonym Diamante Poem.

In writing synonym diamante poem, look for two words (noun) that are synonymous.

Example of words are:

  • Joy and content
  • Doze and nap 
  • Choice and freedom
  • Mountain and hill
  • Babies and infant
  • Walk and move

Synonym Diamante poem: Results 

Delightful, eventful
Persevering, working, winning
Crown, diligence, result, fate
Quieting, waiting, wishing
Breathtaking, lusty 

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