Understanding The Power Of Your Mind/Thoughts (Effective Ways to Maximize your Mind).

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published 12th October 2020 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and competence.

In a space of three seconds, Anthony reached for his pocket. The rough texture that made contact with his fingers brought a meteor of a smile on his face; his brown worn-out animal skin wallet was the last gift he got from his father four years back before he was laid to rest.  He had guarded it more than the treasures he puts in it. Most people who haven’t heard a word about Anthony’s dad wondered what significance is the almost worn-out wallet to him when he can purchase better ones.

It was 11:30 am as he stood over the counter of the cafeteria to get a bottle of chilled fruit drink. As he pulled out his wallet, he callously used his big thumb and forefinger to open the magnetized button. In the wallet, Nigeria’s highest denomination of currency was neatly arranged. For the past year, he has resolved to leave only N1000 notes in the wallet while he keeps lesser notes in his second wallet. Anytime he goes out with the second wallet, it’s almost impossible to see him giving out N1000 in exchange for a service or product because he doesn’t put such a denomination there. It was a principle he diligently has been holding up to, for the past year.  

Your life is a replica of your thought. And your thought is a replica of what you feed your mind with. Anthony, in the story above, showed us how it will be hard to give out something you don’t have. His two wallets describe how you can’t feed your mind with “things of less value and expect to bring things of high value” to the table of life. 

This is very true about our conscious mind. When your conscious mind sees a tree, it works with your subconscious mind to interpret and give out the exact result of what your eyes sensed. This principle is perfectly applied also when you continue to think, “less valuable, less efficient, or low” of yourself. Your life will begin to produce and find expression in the reality of those attributes you sensed you are. Ever seen a boy who watches more combat-oriented animations? He is often effortlessly forced to practice some of the moves he has been feeding his mind with. That’s how powerful the human conscious mind is, in processing what you feed it with. 

Imagine if you consistently feed your mind with words that can change your life better, words that can heal you,  words that can strengthen you, and words that can create opportunities for you. Or say,  you consistently hang around people of rich values or engage in profiting activities? You will begin to see how your life is being transformed by what your mind constantly captures and reiterate in your thought. 

One of the ways I have empowered myself is by consistently affirming positive and growth-enriching words to myself daily Brian Tracy’s thoughts on this goes thus, “Positive affirmations are also very useful for keeping our brains occupied with pleasant and empowering thoughts or visualizations.”

Feed your mindset with this week’s positive affirming statements for each day and see how it influences your life. 


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