Weekly Affirmations With Doris Pada (Series)

The sun was slowing setting as I  kept reaffirming “Max Out Monday’s ” affirmation periodically. I was slowly recuperating and needed to start smashing my goals for the week. Usually, I would lay on my bed, scroll down my chats replying them consecutively since I was recuperating. But this time, I kept reminding myself the affirmation  for the day, which read,

“God’s grace is sufficient for me so that in all things and at all times, I am equipped for every good deed.”

 This is because, it’s a realistic belief that one of the determinant of the state of one’s health, is the words a person keep reaffirming to himself myself about his health. 

I had planned reading the book, “Maximizing Your Potentials” by the great legend, Myles Munroe. Hence, reminding myself the potentials I have, to smash my goals nudged me to picking the book, a pencil, and my brightly coloured green reading journal, to design a reading plan and set out to unleashing the plan.  

One significant principle of saying daily affirmations, is consistency in reaffirming those words to yourself consciously.  If I had just affirmed those words to myself without making conscious efforts to live them, I would just be building castles in the air. 

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Likewise, when you say your affirmations, make significant efforts  on your own part to see it surfacing in reality.

Be much more intentional, when affirming this  week’s affirmations. 

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MaxOut Monday: The day you remind yourself the amazing potentials and grace God has given you, which you will use in attaining greatness. 

Truth Tuesday: The day you remind yourself who you truly are, neglecting people’s negative label on you. 

WinIt Wednesday: The day you remind yourself the winner you are, regardless how many times you’ve failed or you will fail. 

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Thankful Thursday: A day you appreciate yourself for who you’ve grown to be and what you’ve been learning from life’s journey.

Fearless Friday: A day you remind yourself the conqueror you are and your ability to fearlessly conquer obstacles that stand on your way in life.

Wellness Weekend: The moments you speak life and healing to yourelf; mental, physical, spiritual, etc.

Below, are this week’s affirmations.

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