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In the blog post, “Why You Need And How To Create Morning/Daily Affirmations.” I wrote to you, how saying “Daily Affirmations” has been a great big bundle of angelic help in going through every daily experience, either positive or negative. 

An amazing story written by Anthony C. Ejiogu on thesuccesselite.com about a young man who was transformed by an affirmation he consistenty reminded himself by even using it as his phone’s password. 

I have had different experiences where I cannot overstate the power of affirmations. Let me show you a little video clip from my life as at the time of writing this blog post. I couldn’t attend the Sunday Mass(service) because I was under the weather. On writing the weekend affirmation, with the tag “Wellness Weekend,” I decided to use the affirmation I used in the morning when I discovered my health was failing me. Even though I was on medication, I kept reaffirming to myself because we are what we tell ourselves we are.

In the first series of “Weekly Affirmations With Doris Pada,” I will explain the tags so you can have more understanding and decide to add more affirmations to each day.

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MaxOut Monday: The day you remind yourself the amazing potentials and grace God has given you, which you will use in attaining greatness. 

Truth Tuesday: The day you remind yourself who you truly are, neglecting people’s negative label on you. 

WinIt Wednesday: The day you remind yourself the winner you are, regardless how many times you’ve failed or you will fail. 

Thankful Thursday: A day you appreciate yourself for who you’ve grown to be and what you’ve been learning from life’s journey.

Fearless Friday: A day you remind yourself the conqueror you are and your ability to fearlessly conquer obstacles that stand on your way in life. 

Wellness Weekend: The moments you speak life and healing to yourelf; mental, physical, spiritual, etc.

For this week, September 7th 2020 to September 13th 2020,  below are the affirmations.

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