Why You Shouldn’t Read “The Business Of Life” By Elisha Mamman.

June 2019 was still young in her days when I had the privilege to read  “The Business Of Life,” a book by Elisha Mamman. It was quite an intriguing moment for me reading the book due to how the author scribed what he tagged as, “My 8 Life Philosophies” on the yellowish-milky shade of each leaf.

In the book, he practically described those eight philosophies, citing occasions were they where his saving grace and where they helped shaped his mindset, which affected his decisions. Hence,  his “jaw-dropping” success. 

He didn’t highlight the usual “everyday heard” principles of success rather, he gave practical everyday approaches to success which we often overlook.

Do you know relationship has a great effect in your success whether present or future? What about your everyday service to others? These and lots more that you might never had thought were discussed in the book. The book is concise and wealthy. 

Having known all these, the question is, “why should I not read it?”

• If you are comfortable with where you are, requiring no further growth, then this book is not for you; if you are in good talking terms with mediocrity or complacency.

• If you have no goals or expectations in life, Just keep this book off your sight.

• If you are perfect as a person with no ounce of doubt lurking around your mind. don’t need this book.

If you belong to any of the above three(3) categories of people, then you are my targeted audience. Because if you read it, the book has 99.9% possibility of creating a mindset shift and you will be nudged to stop settling for what you were used too.

If you belong to any of the three categories of people, then avoid trying to gain information on how to purchase the book from the link below.

Below, Are Some Powerful Quotes From The Book

Life is a fantastic gift from God and how we use it will define everything about our lives on earth.”


“It is your response-ability to life that determines the quality and direction of your life”


“Your life is like a garden and you are expected to grow specific results from your life.”


“Use what is in your hand to confront what is in front of you.”

“A man’s gift is not necessarily talents and abilities. People also are gifts.”

“Getting something of value that you have require giving something of value that you have. “

“It is dangerous to live life without expectation.”


“When your expectations are in place, growth becomes possible and adjustment occurs.”


“If you don’t know what you want,  you may die in want.”


“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

“You can’t sit down idly and think your way into fortune or imagine your way into victory.”

“Work is compulsory for reality to happen.”


“Discipline plus knowledge, liberate you.” 


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