5 Ways To Cash A Check Without An ID Or Bank Account

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to urgently cash a check but you do not have the required government ID? Are thrown off balance by such a situation and want to know the possibility of cashing a check without an id? This is the best place for you. This article contains not just the possibility of cashing the check but also shows you how to cash a check without an id in diverse ways. I bet you will be all smiles after reading through it all because it is fully loaded.

It is generally known that government policies have made it so that banks are meant to carry out identity verification when customers want to cash checks. This they do by requiring anyone who wants to cash a check to present a government-issued ID such as a passport, Driver’s license, military ID, etc. In some cases, additional identification documents such as utility bills could also be required.

However, surveys have shown that there are over 20 million adults in the United States whose government-issued IDs have either expired or do not have any at all. This becomes a burden on them when trying to cash checks. The good news in this article, however, is that by using a mobile bank app, depositing the check in an ATM, signing it to someone else, and other methods, you can cash your check without an id. Read the complete article to see how to cash a check without an id in 5 simple ways.

Can You Cash A Check Without ID?


Yes, it is possible to cash a check without an ID. Before now, the only acceptable method of cashing a check was by going to the banking hall with some documents including an ID for verification. And upon successful scrutiny, the cash will be given to you.

However, technological advancement has made things easy in such a way that you can cash your check from the comfort of your home and at your convenience. So, not having a valid government Id can no longer limit you. See how to cash a check without an id in the next paragraph.

How To Cash A Check Without An ID


There are many ways to cash a check without an ID but in this piece, we will discuss the best 5 methods that have been tested and have proven to be easy and fast. They are;

  • Depositing it in an ATM
  • Depositing in your bank’s app
  • The use of digital banking apps.
  • Depositing it into your account.
  • Signing it over to someone else.

Continue reading to see how to use each of these methods.

1. Depositing It To An ATM


This is by far the easiest way to deposit your check without an ID. All that you need to do here is to visit the nearest ATM location of your bank and insert the check into it. With some banks, the cash will be available for withdrawal immediately while others will take some business days to process before making the money available. Note that you must have a bank account to use this method and there is no need for an id.

2. By Depositing It Into Your Bank Account.

Another way to cash a check without an id is by depositing it into your bank account. This is very easy to do as all it demands is to meet the cashier at your bank, hand your bank details (account number) to them and it will be deposited.

The drawback with this method is that it may take bout 3-5 business days to process before you can withdraw the cash. Some banks including TD Bank make a part of the money available for immediate withdrawal and others will be available after it is fully processed.

3. By Signing It Over To Someone Else

You could also sign the check to a trusted person who has an id to cash it for you. By doing that, you have also cashed your check without an id. I know this looks interesting and easy, right? Yes, it is. All you need to do here is to endorse it with your name and signature. You will also write “pay to the order of” and include the person’s name. The individual would present a means of identification that has a matching name as the one on the check and that is all.

4. By Depositing Into Your Bank’s Mobile App

The fourth way to cash a check without an ID is to deposit it into your bank’s mobile banking app. This is also easy to do as almost every bank has an app. So log in to your account on the app and check for the mobile deposit feature. The steps could vary from one bank to the other. However, you will be prompted on how to go about it. Take note of the deposit limit of your bank as well as its designated deposit time.

5. The Use Of A Digital Banking App

Similar to the above, you can cash a check without an ID by using a digital banking app. This is slightly different from the above as these apps do not belong to any app rather they are mobile financial institutions. There are very many of them these days and are very fast, easy, and reliable.

When you sign up with any of them such as Cash App, Current, etc, you will find the “Add money” option which will lead you to deposit a check. Follow the peculiar prompts of your app and you will not need an id to cash your check. See some of those banking apps in the next paragraph.

What Apps Can I Use To Cash A Check Without ID?


Some of the popular apps that you can use to cash a check are:

However, you must have an active account with this app to use them. Go to the section that allows you to upload a check. Endorse it by signing at its back and proceeding to snap and upload a photo of the check. The amount will be added to your account balance on the app.

How To Cash A Check Without A Bank Account Or ID


No bank account or ID? Don’t worry, you can cash a check without a bank account or ID by signing it over to someone else or using a digital banking app as explained above.

Can Someone Else Cash My Check?


Yes, you can endorse a check and give it to someone else to cash for you. Such a check is called a third-party check.

Can I Deposit A Check That Is Not In My Name?


Yes, you can deposit someone else’s check to your bank account or to the account of the individual whose name is on it. However, it should be properly signed to confirm its authenticity.

How To Deposit A Check Online Without A Bank Account

There are several ways to deposit a check online without a bank account, e.g. Use a prepaid debit card, Use a check cashing app, Cash your check at a retailer, Cash your check at a check cashing store.


You loner have to bang your head over cashing a check when you do not have an id. This article has shown that ATM deposits, bank deposits, digital app deposits, third-party withdrawals, and depositing in your bank’s app are 5 ways to cash a check without an ID. I hope this was helpful and after now, “how to cash a check without an id” will be an issue of the past.

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