Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received ( Quick Fix )

The issue of cash app payment completed but not received isn’t something you should be worried about. We have listed out the reasons you might be facing this issue and how to quickly resolve within few minutes. Sometimes your payment mark completed, but still pending and the money won’t reflect on receiver’s account right? Relax, every single information you need to resolve this issue is written down here.

In some cases, the issue of cash app says payment completed but not received happens as a result of insufficient fund, poor internet connection, using outdated Cash App and more’ that I will be pointing out here. However, understanding how cash app work, updating the app to latest version, connecting to a good wifi would fix it instantly.

But if it’s an issue that has to do with server error, cash app undergoing maintenance and other technical errors” you will have to wait for the issue to resolve by itself. So, I want you to calm down and read this article very well and learn how I was able to fix this issue myself.

Why Hasn’t My Cash App Payment Been Received?


There are various reasons your cash app payment says completed but not received, probably mark pending. Just as I mentioned above, in some cases it might be as a result of server error, or from your end. Let me quickly point out the reasons and also show you how to permanently fix it;

  • Unverified Cash App Account

In as much as cash app is among the best digital banking platforms that allow users to instant transfer without verification. They may hold the payment if the user haven’t link his/her debit card or bank account, or verify their cash app account.

You’re advised to ask the receiver to verify their account, and also link debit card or bank account to their cash app account.

  • Cash App Server Error

Cash App digital banking platform may sometimes experience server break down, and it’s normal. Hence, if the issue is as a result of server error or cash app undergoing maintenance” you will have absolutely nothing to do about it.

Also, the server breakdown might come from the bank linked to your cash app or receivers account. The only solution to this, is for you to be patient, give it some minutes or hours to be fix by the app developers.

To confirm if the issue is as a result of cash app down or server error, visit “” type in “” check.

  • Poor Internet Connection

Cash App is an internet banking platform, it can only function very well when your network is stable. Hence, poor network connectivity may be the major reason cash app says payment completed, but the money haven’t been received. Or the person you’re sending the money to, isn’t in a stable network environment.

You have to check from your end, and also ask the person to make a move’ if their network is poor. Otherwise, it will take hours for the money to reflect on receiver’s cash app account.

  • Insufficient Fund In Your Cash App Account

The first thing you should do before sending money to someone is to check your cash app balance. Find out if you have up to the amount of money you want to transfer.

Cash App won’t notify you that’ your balance is insufficient, rather they will keep your transfer pending and hold back your money until you fund your account.

Hence, you’re advised to recheck your cash app balance before proceeding to carry out any transaction.

  • Linked Debit Card Have Expired

Check if the debit card you linked to your cash app account have expired, if that’s the issue” kindly remove it and replace or link your bank account instead.

Your debit card expire every 3 to 4 years, if eventually you forgot it might lead to “payment on hold or pending” until you provide or link a valid debit card.

  • Cash App Sending Limit Exceeded

If you have exceeded your daily sending limit on cash app, your transfer will be on pending” although it will mark payment completed, but the person won’t receive the money. However, this error mostly occur when you haven’t verify your identity on Cash App.

Unverified Cash App account are allowed to send up to $250 within any 7-day period and receive up to $1,000 within any 30-day period.

If you want to put an end to it, then’ you must verify your cash app account with your social security number (SSN), date of birth, correct home address and other required credentials.

  • Wrong Cashtag or Username

If the Cashtag isn’t well written, cash app will mark your payment completed but the money will be pending. You need to cross-check the Cashtag you’re sending to, make sure you’re sending the money to the right Cashtag or username. And the person haven’t exceeded his or her receiving limit.

Whenever you’re typing a Cashtag or username, the first letter should be the dollar sign ($ ), it’s very necessary to avoid sending it to a wrong person.

Unusual Activities / Fraud Signal

Cash App internet banking security is top-notch, they’re always watchful and monitoring your day-to-day activities. If they eventually detect unusual activities on your account, they will block you from sending payment for some days or hours to verify that account.

That’s why you’re advised to verify your identity on Cash App, this will help to ratify issues like this on time.

How To Fix Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received


We have shown you guys the reasons cash app says payment completed but not received. If the issue haven’t been resolved yet, here’s what to do and it will be fix Instantly; 

  • Wait For Some Hours To Complete Sending

It will resolve by itself and the payment will be received, you just have to be patient. Remember, we earlier mentioned that’ it usually happen as a result of poor network connectivity. The moment your cell phone receive a good network signal, it will complete the transaction.

  • Contact Cash App Customer Representative

All the guidelines that I shared here so far, are the steps I usually apply whenever I encounter such issues on cash app. However, in some cases it might take up to 2-3 working days to resolve permanently.

But if the issue continues, go ahead and contact cash app customer support via this phone number @ 1 (800) 969-1940. You can also reach out to them on twitter @CashSupport.

Why is my Cash App money not showing up in my bank account?

The reasons your Cash App money might not be showing up in your bank account is probably because your bank doesn’t support Instant Deposit. Or, you’ve reached your daily Instant Deposit limit.


Can A Completed Cash App Payment Fail?


Yes, the only reason a completed cash app payment fail is as a result of insufficient fund. If you don’t have up to the amount of money you sent, it will mark completed, but on pending. After some hours, or days the payment will show failed.This also happen when there’s an issue with your linked bank account or debit card.

Why Is It Taking So Long To Receive My Cash App Payment?


Cash App Payment is instant, and the recipient is meant to receive the money immediately. But if the payment mark completed and under it pending, it simply means that’ the payment haven’t been received yet.

It usually happen when there’s poor network connection, the receiver haven’t accepted your payment yet, or when you don’t have enough fund in your account.

How Do I Get My Completed Payment Back From Cash App?


Unfortunately you can not get back completed Cash App payment from your end. However, you can only do this’ by Asking the recipient to refund the payment, dispute the payment with Cash App Customer support, and by requesting a refund from your bank. But there’s no guarantee you will get the money back, as written in cash app terms and conditions.


With the above steps, you can effortlessly solve the issue of cash app payment completed but not received. It’s not difficult, you can always reach out to Cash App customer support for further assistant.

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