Cash App Pending Payment Will Deposit Shortly ( Quick Fix )

Why would cash app say pending payment will deposit shortly? How do I receive the payment fast? These are the questions we are going to answer on this page today. Hence, you’re advised to carefully read and find out how to resolve the issue.

Whenever Cash App says pending payment will deposit shortly, it simply means that’ the payment is completed waiting to deposit into your account. Hence, you will have to wait for 2 to 3 business days to receive the payment’ it’s very simple and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Continue reading to find out why it might take few days to deposit into your account rather than instantly.

Cash App is among the best and most reliable digital banking platforms that instant transfer money. And recipients are expected to receive their payment immediately the payment is completed, rather than waiting for 2 to 3 working days. However, it depends on the transaction type” the day you made the transfer and your bank system.

How Long Does A Pending Payment Take On Cash App?


Typically, Cash App pending payment takes 24 to 48 hours to complete” although sometimes it might take longer than that. Here are some of the reasons your cash app payment is pending;

  • New Cash App Account : if your account is new, your payment may remain pending for 7 days, so that’ cash app will verify that’ you’re not bot and also verify your identity.
  • Insufficient Fund : in the amount of money you have in your cash app account isn’t up to the amount you transfered, the payment will remain pending” until you fund the account. It’s very significant to always check your cash app balance before making transfer.
  • Poor Network : if your network isn’t stable, the payment may be delayed or pending. You’re advised to connect to a stable Wi-Fi for easy and fast transfer.
  • Technical Issues : another reason your cash app payment is pending might be as a result of technical error, or cash app understanding maintenance.

If the recipient is yet to accept the payment, it will remain pending. Kindly reach out him/her to accept the payment and everything will clear.

What Does This Payment Will Deposit Shortly Mean On Cash App?


It simply means that you payment has been processed by cash and will deposit into the recipient account within a short period of time, and the fund should be available within 2 to 3 working days.

How To Fix” Cash App Pending Payment Will Deposit Shortly


Fixing the issue of cash app pending payment will deposit shortly, depends on what led to it. Here are steps to follow;

  • Ask the recipient to accept the pending payment

The recipient might be new to cash app and doesn’t know that’ he/she is meant to accept pending payment before it will deposit. Hence, you have to contact the person and ask him or her to check “Activity” tab, and accept pending payments. You can read our related articles on how to accept pending cash app payment. It’s very easy, and if that be the case, it will deposit instantly.

  • Verify your identity

If you haven’t verify your identity on Cash App, or a new user” you may be prompt to verify your identity before making payment. More especially when the system detect suspicious IP address, your payment will be held and undergo review. That’s why you’re advised to verify your identity, and everything will start working perfectly.

  • Check your cash app balance

I mentioned insufficient fund as one of the reasons cash app say pending payment will deposit shortly, because if the money in your account doesn’t cover the amount you transfered, the payment will remain pending until you fund the account. Hence, you’re advised to check your balance and if you don’t have sufficient money’ you add more funds to complete the transaction.

  • Contact Cash App customer representatives

Reaching out to their customer support team is another way to fix it, that’s if none of the above methods work for you. However it can be a little hard waiting for so long to lay your complains, that’s why it’s significant to fixing it yourself. And if it persist, you can go ahead to contact their customer support.

NOTE : you can try resending the payment, but before doing that’ make sure you cancel the pending payment to avoid sending it twice.

How To Cancel Cash App Payment That Is Pending?


If you want to cancel the pending payment and try again after some time, you can follow the guidelines below;

  • Login to your cash app account
  • Navigate “Activity” on the app home screen.
  • Click on it pending payment
  • Tap “Refund” and click Ok.

The transaction will cancel instantly, after doing that’ you can go ahead to initiate another transfer.


Hopefully you have learnt what to do whenever you encounter the issue of “cash app pending payment will deposit shortly, I’m glad you find this content very helpful. Also don’t forget to reach out to cash app customer support team for more guidelines, if the issue persist.

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