A Random Person Sent Me Money On Cash App ( Why & What To Do )

If you receive money from a random person on cash app, it might be that someone mistakenly transfered the fund into your account, as a result of typing a wrong $Cashtag. Or, the person wants to scam you with their new trick of defrauding cash app users. Also, it might be other reasons we pointed out here’ carefully read as we explain everything you need to know.

A research shows that’ a lot of cash app users are very eager to know why a random person would send them money, and what to do. Well, in our today’s guide, you will learn everything you need to know about “random person sent me money on cash app, steps to follow whenever you receive money from a stranger and be safe.

In as much as cash app have a top-notch security feature, you can still fall victim of scammers with this new trick of receiving money from a stranger.  Although the random money might not come from fraudsters in most cases, but you just just have to be very careful. Read as we proceed;

Why Did Someone Send Me Money On Cash App?


There are several reasons you receive money from a random person on cash app, and we have listed all of them out here’ together with what to do. Here are the reasons below;

  • Typographical Error

One of the reasons you receive money from a random person on cash app is as a result of typographical error. This means, when the sender mistakenly type in your $Cashtag instead of the intended user. This happen often, especially if your cash app username is similar to a popular brand that uses cash app to receive business payments.

If this is the case, they will ask you for a refund immediately the person finds out that’ he or she accidentally sent the money to a wrong user. However, before you proceed to sending back the money’ make sure you contact cash app for verification.

  • A Friendly Gift

A random social media user might want to surprise you on your birthday or just because he/she wants to be a closer friend. If your cash app username ( $Cashtag ) is linked to your social media bio, or pin on your timeline’ one of your friends might decide to send you money as a surprise gift.

Especially those who are social media content creators, motivational quotes, meme etc. You will definitely receive random money from your friends who find your content interesting, or as a source of inspiration. But if you didn’t post your $Cashtag on social media, then it might be an offline friend.

  • Using Another Person’s Account

If the cash app user that wants to send you money doesn’t have the intended amount of money he/she wants to send to you, they may decide to use another person’s cash app account to transfer the money, giving the random person physical cash in return.

Hence, you will think that a random person sent you money, not knowing that it’s a middleman. All you need, is to contact anyone you’re expecting money from’ ( family and friends ) to ascertain.

  • They Are Trying To Scam You

Remember I earlier mentioned that’ one of the reasons you receive money from a random person on cash app is because they want to defraud you. Probably get to make you click a link that will ask you to enter your cash app login details or social security number (SSN).

Currently, cash app fraudsters are using a trick of sending money to a random user and ask them to refund the money. And I have been sounding it as a warning to all cash app users to be very careful of whom you accept their payment.

When a scammer sends you money and then asks you to send it back. Once you send the money back, the scammer will dispute the transaction with their bank or credit card company and get their money back. It’s common now, and you must do anything possible not to fall victim.

What To Do If A Random Person Sent Me Money On Cash App?


Whenever you receive money from a random person on cash app, here’s what you will do;

  • Don’t spend the money : if you receive money from a random person, do not spend the money until you verify whom the sender is. Just as I mentioned above, the money you received might be as a result of typographical error. Meaning, it’s not yours and the person will request for a refund afterwards. However, you must not approve refund until you’re sure that it’s not scam.
  • Contact the person that sent you the money : reach out to the person and figure out his or her intentions for sending you the money.
  • Be Watchful of your cash app account : you have to be vigilant, and never click any link if you’re ask to. You can as well enable two-factor authentication, and reset your password to a stronger and unpredictable alphabets.
  • Report the payment to Cash App support. If after reaching out to the sender and you aren’t convinced with their reasons for sending you money. Kindly contact cash app, for proper investigation and action.

Due to the high level of fraudulent activities on the internet, everyone is advised to be very careful. Try as much as you can to verify payments from strangers before refunding and never click links or perform any action until you’re sure that it’s not scam.

If Someone Accidentally Sends You Money On Cash App


Kindly make your own findings to be sure that’ the money was sent accidentally, before you proceed to refunding the person. Do not spend money that’s accidentally sent to your cash app account, refund the user and stay safe.

Random Person Sent Me Money On Cash App


If you receive money from a random person on cash app, the first step is to find out whom the person is’ and his or her intentions of sending the money. If the person claim that it’s an accidental transfer or mistake, asking you to refund. Do not refund yet, ask the person to cancel the payment from their end. But if the person insist, then’ you have to contact cash app customer support team immediately.


You can decide not to accept pending payments from strangers or a random person until the person contact you and clarify his or her reasons for sending the money. Just as I mentioned earlier, do not hesitate to contact cash app customer support team whenever you notice unusual activities on your account.

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