University Of Essex Scholarship 2024/2025: Apply Now

Read this article to get the latest and most concise information about the University of Essex scholarships. Whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, domestic, or international student, the details here will help you to easily secure a scholarship from this institution.

The University of Essex is one of the best universities in Europe. Little wonder it is said to be one of the hardest to get enrolled in. As a student of this school,  you are open to a lot of benefits like meeting with the best professionals in your field, networking with great minds from other parts of the world, exposure to job opportunities, and more.

Nevertheless, finances could be a major constraint to these dreams.  The good news, however, is that with the University of Essex scholarship scheme, your dreams are valid. Read this post to see how to apply for and get any of the scholarship offers.

Does The University Of Essex Offer Scholarships?


The University of Essex offers lots of scholarships to students. These are meant to ease the burden of financing your education while undergoing your studies in the school. Hence, you do not have to go through the stringent rigors of working many hours to raise money for school fees while studying. There are different categories and amounts of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students at the school.

Apart from scholarships, the school also has various discounts and awards for students, especially those who are Essex graduates. You could also be eligible for alumni discounts and lots of other financially relieving fees. Continue reading to know more.

Eligibility Criteria For University Of Essex Scholarships


There are different eligibility criteria for each scholarship at the University of Essex. The varying criteria further depend on the program that you are undergoing at the university. For international students, your country also determines the criteria that are meant to be fulfilled to enable you to apply for and get the scholarships. With that said, let us see some of the common eligibility criteria for University of Essex scholarships below.

  • Must have been offered admission into the University of Essex.
  • Should have an excellent academic record of 3.5/5 or its equivalent in your country.
  • Should not be the current beneficiary of any scholarship offered by the school.
  • An identity card to prove your nationality.

How To Apply For University Of Essex Scholarships


To apply for the University of Essex scholarship, visit the Financial Aid department of the school. You can do that online or in person. There you will be prompted on the steps to take regarding the scholarship that you are eligible for. You will be given an application form to fill out. This form contains all the requirements, your data, and your academic record.

Fill out the application form correctly by entering the correct details. You might also be required to submit a statement of purpose and a cover letter. With all of these submitted, your application will be considered and if selected, the school will notify you through an email.

It should be noted that most undergraduate and Academic Excellence scholarships of the school do not require additional application. If you are eligible, you will be immediately considered for the scholarship and you will get a notification from the school or your department.

How Much Does The University Of Essex Scholarship Worth?


Just as the available scholarships vary, so do the amounts awarded. In other words, the amount of money that each scholarship at the University of Essex varies from one scholarship to the other. However, most are within the range of £4,000 to £10,000.

While some scholarships are a one-time payment at the beginning of the award, others are paid per semester and a few others yearly throughout your studies in the school. Academic Excellence scholarships usually have the highest amount.

Masters degree scholarships are also high because they involve more research than their undergraduate counterparts. Remember that the University is committed to research.

University Of Essex Scholarship For International Students


One interesting fact about University of Essex scholarships is that they allow international students to apply and contest for them. Although, some of the eligibility criteria might be different from those of domestic students. Below are some types of scholarships that are available to international students at the university.

  • Academic Excellence International Masters Scholarships.
  • Central Asia and Caucasus undergraduate scholarship.
  • Africa undergraduate scholarship.
  • Essex Global Partner scholarship for undergraduates and postgraduates.
  • Essex Law Global Partner Scholarship.
  • GREAT Scholarship.
  • South Asia Scholarship.
  • Vice Chancellor’s Global Talent Scholarship.
  • South East Asia Scholarship.
  • International Baccalaureate Excellence Scholarship.

Each of these has varying eligibility criteria. So, thoroughly read through them before applying for them.

Can I Get A Full Scholarship At The University Of Essex?


The University of Essex offers both full and partial scholarships. However, these are available to all students. Hence, you need to read the eligibility criteria of each scholarship before you apply. When you get a full scholarship at the University of Essex, it covers your tuition, on-campus accommodation, and some other fees.

In essence, a full scholarship takes care of the financial aspect of your academics throughout your stay in the University and it is offered at the University of Essex.

Does The University Of Essex Have Undergraduate Scholarship For African Students?


Yes, there are lots of scholarships for international students including those from Africa at the undergraduate and graduate level. This scholarship offers a whopping amount of £4,000 to undergraduate students from any African country who is a member of the African Union. To get this scholarship, however, the student must meet these criteria.

  • Must have been admitted into the University of Essex and entirely self-funded.
  • Must not have had another scholarship from the University of Essex.
  • Should be available for promotional activities.
  • Must not be undertaking a degree that is entirely taken online.
  • Must not be taking courses at the East 15 Acting School.

Postgraduate Scholarships For African Students At The University of Essex


Postgraduate students from any of the member states of the African Union can apply for the scholarships listed above. However, there are specific scholarships for African students who are self-funding their postgraduate studies.

This scholarship is worth £4,500 paid as a discount on your first year’s tuition fee. It does not require additional application because if you meet all the eligibility criteria, you will be immediately considered for the award.

Other Scholarships Acceptable At The University of Essex


If you are unable to get any of the internally funded scholarships at the university, here are other options that are accepted by the school.

  • AZIZ Foundation Scholarship.
  • British Council Scholarship.
  • Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund.
  • Civil Society Leadership Award.
  • Commonwealth Masters Scholarship.
  • Chevening Scholarship.
  • Fulbright Scholarship,
  • SAID Foundation Scholarships,
  • Snowdon Masters Scholarship, etc.


Lots of University of Essex scholarships are up for grabs in 2024/2025. As we have explained, the application process and eligibility criteria are simple. All that is needed is to prepare your documents and carefully follow the stated application method. I know this has been helpful and you are just a step away from achieving your dream.

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