University Of Florida Scholarships 2024/2025: Apply Now

Lots of scholarship opportunities are available at the University of Florida. If you are one of those whose dreams are to study at the University of Florida but know little or nothing about its scholarship programs, then relax and read this post. Here you will find all the details that you need including how to apply for them.

Educational scholarships help to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. Luckily, the University of Florida has so many scholarships to offer its students. It is recorded that over 70% of the students in this school have benefited from its scholarship programs through the financial aid department of the school. If you are one such student who would love to get a scholarship but does not know how to go about it, welcome onboard as we get started right away.

Can I Get A Full Scholarship At The University Of Florida?


Yes, the University of Florida offers both full and part scholarships to deserving students. So you can get a full scholarship from the school if you meet the criteria for selection. The scholarship process is merit-based hence you do not have to go through long processes before getting it.

Most importantly, the university’s scholarship does not discriminate against nationality hence whether you are a citizen of the United States or an international student, you can apply and get a scholarship if you meet the selection criteria. More about this will be unveiled as you continue reading.

Types Of University Of Florida Scholarships


The available scholarships at the University of Florida are divided into three types.

  • Merit-Based Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Personal Achievements Scholarships.
  • Need-Based Scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria For University Of Florida Scholarships


For emphasis, let us see some of the specific requirements for the University of Florida scholarships below.

  • Must submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with the code 001535. Note that this does not apply to international students.
  • Strong academic achievements. Here, a minimum of 3.80 GPA (85%) is required for undergraduate students. For graduate students and MBA, you are required to get between 3.0 to 3.80 GPA (85% – 90%).
  • Must have been involved in community service.
  • Must not have a criminal record or involvement in any anti-social activity.
  • A convincing statement of purpose.
  • Most importantly, the applicant must have gained admission into the University of Florida.

How To Apply For Scholarships At University Of Florida


The application process varies with the type of scholarship. Most merit scholarships do not need application, especially for in-state students. However, if you are an international or out-of-state student, you will need to indicate that you need a scholarship during your admission.

If you are unable to get a school scholarship, you will opt for an individually funded or organizational scholarship. In this case, you will apply for the scholarship by sending some required documents such as your admission letter, cover letter, statement of purpose, and so on.

These should be submitted to the designated office as well as the University of Florida’s Financial Aid Office. Your application will be considered and if you meet all the requirements, you will get an email for further discussions.

Top University of Florida Scholarships And Prizes.

The following are some University of Florida scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Presidential Scholarship $5000 per year.
  • Presidential Gold Scholarship $8000 per year.
  • Presidential Platinum Scholarship $10,000 per year
  • Alumni scholarship $8,000 yearly.
  • Sunshine scholarship 16,000 USD per year
  • Gator scholarship 20,000 USD per year
  • Admission Honors Scholarship $2000 tuition waiver.
  • Bright Future Scholarships
  • National Merit Finalist Scholarship
  • John V Lombardi Scholarship.
  • Stamps Scholarship
  • Machen Florida opportunity scholarship.

Graduate Scholarships.

  • Academic Achievement Award for MS students _ 1500 USD per semester.
  • Harris Supplementary Scholarship for PhD students.
  • Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment.
  • Dean’s Research Awards.

University Of Florida Scholarship For International Students.

University of Florida Scholarships are also available to international students. These are meant to financially assist students complete their studies and to reward excellent academic performance. Most of the available scholarships cover tuition fees and a few others take care of on-campus accommodation. In a few cases, the student will also get extra funds for books and other needs that will arise in the course of their study.

Some of the University of Florida scholarships for international students are paid per academic session and others are per semester. The amount varies with the sponsor and type of scholarship. However, they are only available to international students with excellent academic performance. Note that international students are not eligible for Federal scholarships and aid. However, they are eligible for private scholarships and college-awarded scholarships.

How Much Does The University of Florida Scholarships Worth?


As we have seen above, the scholarships offered at the University of Florida vary in amount. In other words, there is no specific amount for scholarships in the institution. Some are paid per year while others are per semester. Therefore the amount of money that the scholarship is worth depends on the scholarship that you are awarded.

What GPA Do You Need To Get A Scholarship At The University of Florida?

To get a scholarship at the University of Florida, you must get at least a lower-division GPA of 3.80 or more. The higher your GPA, the more chances of securing the scholarships because they are highly competitive.

Does The University of Florida Have Scholarships For Graduate Students?


The scholarships at the University of Florida are available to both graduate and undergraduate students. So, if you are a graduate student of the school, explore the scholarships listed above to know their eligibility criteria.

Does The University of Florida Accept Outside Scholarships?

Outside scholarship is the term used to describe those types of scholarships that are sponsored by private individuals and organizations. These scholarships are good options for students who are unable to get or meet the eligibility criteria of the University of Florida scholarships. See some of the latest outside scholarships accepted by the school below.

  • Foster Greatness Scholarship.
  • Sallie Mae Scholarship
  • “A Helping Hand” Scholarship.
  • Tuition Solution Scholarship for STEM Students.
  • Stoke Scholarship Program
  • New Height Scholarship, etc


So you can see that lots of University of Florida scholarship opportunities await you when you get admitted to the school. You, however, must do your bid by excelling in your academics to easily secure one. This article has shown you all the details you need to know about them including the eligibility criteria and how to apply for them. I hope with the information gotten, you will apply and fulfill your dreams soon

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