Why Is Cash App Pending? ( Reasons & Quick Fix )

There are several reasons your cash app payment says pending, and most times it happens whenever the system dictate error either from your end or recipient. Hence, this article is aimed at revealing why your cash app is pending, how to fix it, and also guidelines to cancel pending payments on Cash App.

It is worrisome whenever cash app payment says completed, but mark pending. However, it’s not something you should panic over’ the first step is for you to figure out why your cash app payment is pending and follow the guidelines shared here to fix it instantly.

Cash App is one of the best and most popular internet banking Apps in United States, with a top-notch security feature. Hence, whenever the system detect unusual activities or login from different devices, they might restrict account and place your payment on pending until everything is fully verified.

Why Is My Cash App Pending?


Just as I mentioned above, there are several reasons your cash app is pending, however, to figure out what the issue is’ should be your first priority. Hence, we are going to point out most of the reasons your cash app is pending and also provide you with instant solution to it. Carefully read and follow instructions properly;

  • Sending Or Receiving Limit Exceeded

If you haven’t verify your cash app account or the recipient is yet to verify his or her identity, cash app will automatically limit the amount of money you send and receive. Hence, if you have exceed your daily, weekly or monthly limit” your transaction will remain pending. The same thing is applicable to the recipient, if they have exceeded their receiving limit” your transfer will remain pending after marking completed.

You’re advised to verify your identity, or ask your recipient to verify their cash app account and the pending payment will deposit instantly.

  • Insufficient Balance

One funny thing about cash app is that’ you won’t be notify whenever you want to transfer more than the amount of money in your cash app account. Rather the payment will say completed, but remains pending until you fund the account or cancel the payment.

Hence, before you proceed to sending money to anyone, check your cash app balance to avoid pending payment.

  • Slow Internet Connectivity

Cash App is an internet banking platform, hence, for you to carry out transaction successfully’ you need a stable network connection. If your cash app payment is pending, check your internet connection and also ask the recipient to connect to a stable internet.

It will speed up the transaction and solve the pending issue. Whenever you want to send money to someone on cash app, connect to a stable Wi-Fi, and the payment will deposit instantly.

  • Cash App Undergoing Maintenance

From time to time, cash app undergo maintenance and during this time” you may not carry out transactions successfully. As a matter of fact, you may not be able to access your account or make payments. Your transaction will be place on pending until the maintenance is over, and during this time’ you’re expected to wait for some hours to fix everything.

You don’t have to do anything from your end, just wait for some hours to finish the maintenance and your pending payments will deposit.

  • Fraudulent Activities detected

This usually happen whenever the system detect unusual activities on your cash app account. Maybe someone logged in to your account with a different device, or the system detect a fraudulent activities and block you from sending money until everything is ratified.

In a situation like this, you’re advised to contact cash app customer support team to help you verify the issue.

  • Using Outdated Cash App

Although cash app notify users to update their app to latest version whenever a new version is released, but some people feel so reluctant to update it. Anyways using outdated version of cash app may cease some features from working properly.

How To Fix Cash App Pending


Now that you have learnt why your cash app pending, I believe fixing it won’t be an issue to you” just make sure you figure out what to problem is via the above guidelines and follow the instructions below to fix it instantly.

  • Wait For Some Hours : if the issue has to do with server error, Cash App maintenance or other technical issues,  then’ there is absolutely nothing you can do from your end. You have to exercise patience while they fix it by themselves, however’ you can check cash app current status at downdetector.com. it will notify you if the app is down, undergoing maintenance or having technical issue at the moment.
  • Connect To A Stable Network : your transaction may remaining pending until you connect to a stable network. Also ask the recipient to do the same, otherwise it may take longer than you expect deposit.
  • Contact Cash App Customer Support : if the issue persist after applying the above guidelines, you will have to contact cash app for further assistant.

Cash App Pending Payment Will Deposit Shortly


Whenever you receive a notification that says “cash app payment will deposit shortly, it simply means that’ the payment is on the process of depositing into your bank account. The money will reflect in your cash app balance in 2 to 3 working days.

How To Clear Pending Payment On Cash App


Cash App allow users to accept pending payments or decline it, hence you can clear pending payments from your dashboard;

  • Login to your cash app account
  • Navigate Activity tab
  • Select the payment you want to clear
  • Follow the prompt on your phone screen and complete the process.

Why Is My Cash App Payment Pending?

If the recipient has not yet accepted the payment. When you send a payment to someone, they will receive a notification asking them to accept the payment. If they do not accept the payment within 24 hours, it will be canceled.

There is a problem with the recipient’s bank account. If the recipient’s bank account is not linked correctly to their Cash App account, the payment may be pending.

Other reasons are; Insufficient fund, poor internet connection, fraud activities was detected on your cash app account, you may have exhausted your sending limit, serve error or cash app under maintenance.

These are the reasons your Cash App payment is pending, and you can fix it by connecting to a stable network, waiting for cash app to finish their app maintenance, updating to latest version and finally contacting cash app customer representative.

How Long Does Cash App Pending Take?


A Cash App payment that is pending can take anywhere from 24 hours to 48 hours to clear. In some cases, it may take longer, especially if there is a technical glitch or a problem with the payment.


To everyone out there asking “why is Cash App pending? I hope you have learnt the reasons and also guidelines on how to fix it. Just as I mentioned above, if the issue persist, kindly reach out to Cash App customer support team.

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